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April 21st, 2009


Can you just take a moment and melt?

After a few sleepless nights, the little guy and his big brother fell asleep nine minutes before their official bedtime tonight to the sounds of a thunderstorm outside and the harmonious snoring of two large dogs on the big bed with us.   Amen, and amen again.

Speaking of dogs, we are watching a friend’s chocolate lab for the week.

gabby..   She is so sweet, even humble, if that is possible with a dog.   She is, in many ways, the opposite of Dudley.   And her unique nature has caused an unexpected change in Dudley.   He is suddenly more than willing to share his bed (or the couch), and even “taught” her how to use the dog door.   He has been much calmer than normal and had gotten into less messes than usual.   I wonder if we can keep her??   (Jody, are you reading this?)

My grandparents are in town for the week as well, and headed over to my  house with my parents this afternoon to play with the kid, or rather,  watch them enact various gymnastic shenanigans for their attention.   Kenny managed a few back flips off the couch and Cooper actually got himself wedged under the piano when he crawled under after his ball and tried to stand up.   He literally got stuck with his head pressed against the underside of the piano and his feet firmly planted on the floor.   My mom had to kind of pry him sideways to get him out.    

We did have fun with “Gigi and Papa Bob” though, and both boys were extra loving and affectionate.   And darnit if I didn’t completely forget to take a single picture the whole time.

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