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17 weeks

January 22nd, 2008

I am 17 weeks today, and boy do I look it.   I actually spent the evening trying on a giant box full of maternity clothes that a friend loaned me and, forced to see my basketball in outfit after outfit started thinking, “Hm.   I am really pregnant.”

Though my belly is quite a bit bigger at this stage than it was with Kenny, the rest of me is quite a bit smaller.   I started out at the same weight with both, and by 17 weeks with Kenny I was up about 13 pounds.   With this one, I am only up 10, and my hips and backside haven’t really changed.   With Kenny, I got a “wide load” in the rear and my thighs turned to jelly right away.   Instead of looking pregnant, I merely looked like I’d been spending too much time communing with the Krispie Kreme truck.   So I actually am glad that I’m all belly this time around.   So far.  

It’s amazing, too, the other things about this pregnancy that are different.   I’ve been having “round ligament” pain for the last week, which is new.   Ouch!   Headaches galore.   I’m so tired I could sleep all day… what happened to the second trimester energy burst?!?!  

We still haven’t decided whether or not to find out the sex.   I loved the comments and emails on it, though!   We had so much fun not knowing with Kenny… but we still have a few more weeks to make up our minds.

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  1. fairyannie says

    I was ALL BELLY with my first and impossibly huge ALL OVER with my second, and they were both girls! Complete strangers would stop me, both pregnancies, and tell me I was definetly having a boy. We found out with the first, but were pleasently surprised with the second. Well, I was pleasent, anyway. I always imagined myself the mother of girls and couldn’t be happier with my two rare beauties. I geuss we did not fit the stereotypes of carrying high with girls or having a big behind meant a boy was on the way. There are pros and cons to finding out, as well as, being surprised. In the end you still end up with a the most beautiful baby in the world. I know we sure did!

    January 26th, 2008 | #

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