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Identity Signified

July 12th, 2006

No Nap Joe returns.   Ah… I knew it was too good to be true… I think he knew that I had made major plans for those sweetly anticipated two hours, and decided to test my love for him.   Kenny’s alter-ego is not ready to disappear yet.

In other news, Kenny ate his first steak today!   I knew that he was a red-blooded carnivore like his dad and me.   (Ok, he didn’t really eat a whole steak, but he ate quite a few little pieces of sublimely grilled ribeye in amongst the Cheerio feast.)   Perhaps there is epicurian hope for him after all!

I am struck today by the absolute blessing that  our life is.   Despite the typical Maryland muggy, sticky weather, our little piece of land here on the water is always breezy and lovely.   I can tell that even Kenny is taken by the beauty around us.   In his minute of fussiness today, we walked outside and watched a blue heron take flight off our dock, counted the speedy power boats and watched Dudley trample through the lawn in search of his next canine adventure.   Kenny was immediately  calmed and peaceful and back to his happy self.  

And speaking of undeserved blessings, my handsome husband is downstairs and I feel like we’ve hardly had a conversation yet today, within all the busyness and playing with Kenny.   So I’m signing off to go attend to  my  other  identity: a doting wife, enraptured with her loving husband.   Oh, that I had another whole day just to spend with him in these quiet hours after Kenny goes to bed.    

Home Sweet Home

July 11th, 2006

We returned from the UK on Saturday, and I finally feel like we’re starting to get back into the swing of things here at home.   The trip was incredible ~ more than I ever expected; inspiring, captivating and challenging in heart, mind and body.   I’m tempted to sit and chronicle all of the amazing experiences we had at the apologetics  summer school at Oxford, but I want to stay focused with my main objective in this blog ~ writing about being a Mommy!

One of the speakers made several specific mentions in his talk on the workplace to housewives and the necessity of those who choose this vocation.   I can’t tell you how much that meant to me… and meant one thousand times more today when I was madly scrubbing a toilet or two during Kenny’s naptime!

Now that’s a phrase I am all-too-ready to get used to saying… “Kenny’s Nap Time.”   My sweet parents, glory halleluiah, actually got him to take a morning nap every day while we were in our classes at Oxford.   So I figured, if they could do it, I could do it, and wouldn’t you know it – today was day 3 that he has taken a TWO HOUR nap for me.   I’m treading on foreign soil here, folks, and I’m ready to embrace it for all its worth.

He is changing so much every day… I can hardly believe that he’s 10 months old.   His little personality is developing at breakneck speed.   He’s started this new thing when he’s “mad” at me, (presumably because I won’t let him, 1) Dive head first into the toilet bowl, 2) crawl through the doggie door, or 3)  chew on the sole of my running shoe) whereby he’ll start fake-crying and stubbornly crawl into the nearest corner and howl like he’s lost his cheerio stash.  


It’s all I can do not to laugh, race to scoop him up and cover him with a thousand kisses.   He is a charmer to beat all I’ve ever seen.

And speaking of Cheerios, I’m starting to fear he will turn into one, because his average daily consumption of those crunchy little O’s is bordering on obsessive.   At dinnertime today, when presented with a tiny warm bowl of lovingly prepared homemade carrot puree, he screamed like a banshee, tears of unspoken frustration streaming down his perfect face, only to stop with the flip of a switch when he saw me pulling the Cheerio box out of the cabinet from the corner of his big brown eye.   The little scammer.   But I wonder: Can a 21 pound boy live on breast milk and Cheerios alone?

On a new note, thanks to all who are visiting, reading and commenting on this brand-new blog.   I still have quite a bit of work to do on it, pictures to add, and little things to tweak, and I’m grateful for all the encouragement!   I am hoping to expand this over the next several months  from more than just my personal blog to a functioning website community.   Hang in there with me!   If my little sweetpea keeps up this nap thing, I’ll be able to really get this thing going.   Please pass the link on to your Mommy friends and keep reading!


Brit Baby

July 2nd, 2006

Here we are, day 3 in Oxford (after a day and a half in London), and I am so proudof my little boy!   Not only is he learning to yell, “Da DAAAAAAAAAA!” with an English accent, but he is sleeping well through the night and took a nap yesterday!   Ok ~ sleeping well is much more than I can say for Casey and I.   Our hotel (use this noun more as a suggestion than a true definitive term) is called “EuroBar” and is, in fact, a Bar with a cafe and 8 rooms upstairs.   Have I mentioned that it’s World Cup, and yesterday England was in the quarter-finals?   Imagine hundreds of very drunk, very angry Englishmen storming through the streets, after losing to Portugal in overtime.   Imagine a hotel room with no A/C, 90 degrees outside (I thought it would be COLD!) and open windows all night.   Kenny is a champ among little guys for making it through!!  

 Now he is enduring Mommy and Daddy enthusiastically typing at the (un-airconditioned) local internet cafe, sweat dripping from his precious, perfect brow.   I love that kid!

But enough is enough, Mommy!   He’s ready to rumble, so I’m signing off.   This is a great town, though, and there is much more to write.   Stay tuned!

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