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Angel of Mercy

August 1st, 2006

I actually got Kenny  to nap just after my first post today for 30 minutes on the guest bed, with me hovering outside the door, terrified that he’d roll off the bed if I moved more than a step away.   He awoke all impish and  giggly, and promptly sat down in his high chair to devour an enormous portion of baked chicken ziti… no,  not the Gerber  Graduate kind, but the real, homemade kind that Mommy herself was devouring cold out of a tupperware bowl straight from the fridge.   He kept pointing at it, and me, and pushing aside his plain bits of pasta, so I chopped some up and gave it to him.   Next thing I knew, he’d eaten more of it than I did!  

July 06 065.jpg

And who should show up then  at my door with a bouquet of flowers in a yellow smiley-face mug, but my wise and witty little sister, with her two kids in tow.   She took Kenny out of my arms, and said, “Shower.   Now.”   Part Mother Theresa and part Atilda the Hun and all-around best pal.

I just got out of the shower and I don’t hear anything downstairs but the radio.    Dare I  venture  down?   She told me that she was here to relieve me for awhile so that I could catch up on cleaning (that is, myself and the house) and then go with her to meet some other Mommies at the local mall.    

Consider this a day redeemed.

Charm Me to Sleep

August 1st, 2006

Casey was up all night last night with a very sick Dudley.   The poor canine vomited roughly half his body weight at about 11:30 PM, and was a dry-heaving machine for the rest of the night.   Unfortunately for Casey, my Mommy instincts have now been programed to only hear Kenny in the middle of the night, so I was blissfully unaware of our four-legged friend’s escapades.

July 06 068.jpg

Kenny is louding protesting in his crib behind me right now at the fact that I have him temporarily contained and am typing, rather than chasing him around the house.   I finally called the pediatrician, and we are going in tomorrow to discuss Naps, or lack thereof, Sleep, and Infant Development.   I honestly don’t know if I am over-analyzing Kenny’s sleep habits, or if I am rightly concerned.   The nurse on the phone seemed to think it warrented an immediate visit…

Ok, Kenny is doing more than just a protest… more to come…

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