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The Adventure Continues

January 11th, 2007

Kenny was gloriously happy today… and a good thing, because for the last three days he has gone from cranky to boorish to pathetically whiny and back again for hours at a time.  

But after waking up this morning (after the “O juice?” and “Nack?” were taken care of) he went to the dresser drawer where I’ve been keeping his random things like baby Motrin and Orajel, and pulled out the medicine bag, held it up to me and said, so sweetly, “Med-sin?” then stuck his fingers in his mouth.   I knew a few days ago that two teeth were breaking through, but when I ran my finger around his gums, I found two more poking through his tender gums.   Four teeth in a matter of four days!   No wonder my little trooper was feeling irritable!   A few doses of Motrin, and he was back to his loving, adorable self all day.

Another challenge from the last few days has been that diaper changes are becoming a matter nearly necessary for the National Guard to intervene.   We’re talking no less than seventeen minutes to change a diaper, and that’s with kicking, screaming, scratching and howling.   Ah, but today’s first diaper change, with Kenny soothed on his Motrin, brought a whole new dimension: Kenny discovered his manhood.  

He sat there  staring, then giggled, and then poked, giggled, looked at me with a huge, “Hey Mom!   Have you seen this thing??” grin on his face.   And diaper changes will never be the same again.   Now it’s all I can do to get him to lay down and let me put the diaper back on.   As Casey says, today starts an infatuation that will last the next eighty years.

Moving on…  I found a way to combat the dubious lack of sunblock protection afforded by Baby Coppertone…

Maui Week 2-5 kenny.JPG

… sand works wonders as nature’s sunblock…

Maui Week 2-5 014.jpg



And tromping on the beach is the best way to seduce a toddler into an afternoon nap…

Maui Week 2-5 002.jpg


All this and the day was topped off by one of the most delicious, first class dinners I could have ever imagined.   We decided to go for one more gourmet dinner, and drove about 15 miles down the coast to eat at a phenominal spot called Sarentos, which is right on the beach.   We saw a mama and baby humpback whale jump and do flips in the air as we ate gloriously prepared food, enjoyed impecable service and watched mesmerized by the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen…

Maui Week 2-5 032.jpg


… it just got more incredible as each moment passed…

Maui Week 2-5 033.jpg



So with full bellies and happy hearts, we headed back  to Lahaina.    I can hardly believe we still have four more days in this paradise… and I have only four more days until my 15K race!   After  all the eating we’ve done, I’m afraid my run will be more like a waddle.   Cross your fingers for me!

Farmers Tan

January 8th, 2007

Kenny has a wicked farmer’s tan.   Not for lack of slathering SPF 50 all over his tiny body everytime we set foot near a ray of sun.   I noticed it today after I gave him his third bath of the day (he gets really sandy, ok?).   Super cute.   I took some pictures, but he also kept showing off the family jewels, so the only one that’s fit to post is also missing evidence of his tanlines:  

Maui Week 2 013.jpg

You’ll have to take my word for it, though I’m wondering about my faith in baby Coppertone’s sunblocking abilities…

And by popular request, a picture of my “buzzed boys:”

Maui Week 2 023.jpg

A walk this morning on the beach in front of our condo…

Maui Week 2 006.jpg

And this is a shot from yesterday morning ~ we woke to pouring rain (which is quite uncharacteristic for our part of the island, and lasted most of the day).   We were walking to get some breakfast, and I’d put a towel over the stroller to keep Kenny dry.   Casey turned to find Kenny peeking out of his makeshift tent…

Maui Week 2 033.jpg

(You have to click on this one to get the full comical effect…)

Kenny’s vocabulary has also been expanding while we are here, now including “I Deem!” (ice cream), “Pappy oh waller!” (the puppy is in the water… there are lots of “beach dogs” roaming free here – including a weimaraner!), and “BEETCH!” (beach).   Every word is, of course, repeated 55 times in a row with nary a breath in between.     Even though we always immediately acknowledge what he is saying, and respond, he somehow feels the need to repeat it over and over until I feel like I might go mad.   Why is that?   Does he like to hear himself say the word?   Is he afraid we don’t understand?   Does he forget he’s already said it?   And what do I do?   Repeat the same response over and over again?   Come up with a new response for every repetition he makes?

Ah, the mysteries of the adventures of Mommyhood.

Finally, I’d like to say congratulations to my sister’s sister-in-law, Crisann, who just got her own website: Depeche Mom.   It’s still under construction, but check it out!

Run, Mama, Run

January 7th, 2007

I am running in my first post-baby race a week from today.   I was actually supposed to do this back in August, but due to many circumstances (namely, my lack of proper training), I was forced to drop out.   So it will be a 15K one week from now.   I think it will go ok.   I ran for an hour yesterday morning, hitting six solid miles, and easily could have kept going, if not for the breakfast date I had with Casey and Kenny.   Nine and a quarter miles along the coast of Maui, and mostly flat at that, should be a breeze, as long as I can lay off the margaritas and ice cream cones a little more than I have been.   That’s the caveat of a vacation race…

In other news, Kenny is starting to show some uncharacteristically grumpy behavior, due for the most part (in my opinion) that he’s not getting enough sleep.   At home, he sleeps from 6 until 6 or 6:30 (don’t get too jealous… remember, he hardly ever naps!).   Here he’s been getting to bed around 8 and waking up at 5:30 or 6, and taking a hour or less nap in the afternoon.   Definitely a deficit.   We try to get him to bed “on time” but due to the fact that we eat out every night (another part of a vacation) and the fact that we all share one room, it just seems to be 8 o’clock by the time he’s settling down.   Any advice on this out there?   How can we find a happy balance?

Ah, but grumpy moments or not, he’s starting to get a reputation here in Lahaina town of being an A-1 flirt.   He really turns it on for the ladies.   Yesterday we met a realtor and he flirted so much, I actually blushed.   So did she.   Help me when he runs for homecoming king.

From Hawaii, With Love

January 5th, 2007

Have you ever come to realize just how much you love someone, just how affectionate you are towards them, when you have a span of time with nothing to do but enjoy their company? That’s how I feel about Casey and Kenny right now. The two of them make my life such a joy, and I revel in the times that we are able to spend together, laughing and giggling and just loving each other.

haircut day 002.jpg

We bought Kenny a yukelele yesterday. He now crows “Ditar!” (guitar) as he races around our rented condo. It’s all we can do to convince him not to sleep with it at night. Casey can actually eek out a song or two on it, but all I can do is pretend to strum, and yodle affectionate Hawaiian-style tunes.

Meanwhile, our boy is turning into quite the Hawaiian! Not only does he love the yukelele, but he feasts on fresh fish, dances in the ocean, and thinks nothing of skipping lunch to stay in the surf. If only we could teach him how to say, “Hang loose, man.”

We’ve been going for long walks in the morning, usually ending with him diving on into the surf. It is bliss, being able to relax everyday with Casey and Kenny; no house to clean, no chores to cram into the sparse moments when Kenny is otherwise distracted, no worries other than where to have dinner. These are precious times, and I don’t take that for granted. Casey keeps making jokes about moving here. I don’t think it’s a matter for joking… my bags are already half packed…

Maui Week 1 089.jpg


January 3rd, 2007

Casey decided to get a buzz cut today, and we decided to get one for the little wiggler, too. After all, what is cuter than a little kid with a buzz? And in Hawaii at that? Here are the before and after shots…

This morning, post beach walk:

haircut day 001.jpg

And this afternoon, post clippers:

haircut day 006.jpg

I have to admit, I can’t decide if what we’ve done is the cutest thing ever, or a not-great decision… Kenny had just gotten a haircut prior to the trip out here, but I kept thinking that it would look cuter even shorter… but now his precious curls are gone and with his tow-head color, he looks bald! Like a one-year-old who still doesn’t have any hair. It’s so fine, and grows forward, so it doesn’t stick up like a buzz; it lays flat against his perfect scalp and blends right into his skin.

It will grow back, right?? Of course, right. And he is still the sweetest, handsomest kid you ever did see. All the easier to bath him. Right.

Surfin’ USA

January 2nd, 2007

Maui Week 1 079.jpg

Kenny turns out to be half fish, half boy. Who could guess how much he would love the water and the sand? As I write, Kenny is at the door yelling, “Beeeech! Beeech!”

He is fearless, plowing through the surf, crashing into the tiny waves that roll over the protective reef. He is mesmerized with the massive cruise ships that pass through between our island and Lanai…

Maui Week 1 021.jpg Maui Week 1 042.jpg

And he has actually survived through not one, but two fine dining experiences! You should see this kid eat.

I promised to write only one more sentence to wrap this up, as Casey and Kenny are itching to get out the door again and walk in the sand. Oh – I guess that was the last sentence…

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