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February 27th, 2007

This past Saturday afternoon, Kenny and I were innocently playing in his room (I was even standing two feet from where he was) and he tripped on a book on the floor and walloped his head right into the corner of the dressing table.

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I had of my heart hitting the back of my throat.   He was stunned for a half second, then started to wail.   No little boo-boo sniffles, but the real deal screams of honest pain.   I wasn’t even sure what part of his head he hit, and as I cradled his shaking body in my arms, I pulled back and saw an enormous purple welt start to grow on his forehead.     Casey had gone on a quick run to rent a movie, and as he walked back into the house, even he was shocked by the size of the bruise.   Kenny wanted nothing to do with an ice pack on the head either.   I couldn’t even bribe him with ice cream.   I finally managed to get him interested in a bag of frozen peas, then got him distracted with a cartoon, and we sat on the couch for close to an hour with him nestled in my arms, and Casey and I taking turns holding the peas and ice packs over his head.  

He’s fine now, and the bruise, while quite noticeable, is nowhere near as horrible as I thought it would be.   But everytime I think about his soft little head hitting that corner, I get nauseous.   Lord help me when he starts riding a skateboard.    Oh, and  he did carry that bag of peas around with him the rest of the day.   That was pretty funny.   Funny until he was going to bed and wouldn’t let them go.   (Who needs a teddy bear when a ziplock bag of frozen green giant veggies will do the trick??)

On a lighter note, my parents are here visiting for the week (we’ve been having so much fun, it’s been hard to slip away to write!).    Kenny is loving it.   My neices call them “Grammie” and “Grampy,” which Kenny has  morphed into “Damnie” and “Dampy”  and there is nothing sweeter than watching him run through the house yelling, “Dampy?   Damnie?”  They arrived in  their RV, which is  the size of our house (ok, it’s not quite that big… ok, it almost is) with their King Charles Spaniel, Madison, whom Kenny calls “Manny.”     Kenny is infatuated, and takes great sport in chasing her through the yard, trying to hug her.    Dudley is trying to decide whether or not she would make a good snack:

dudley and madison.jpg   I wonder what the Dog Whisperer would have to say about that…

And finally, just for fun, here’s a  picture of Kenny that my mom had on her camera from the day before we moved out to Arizona… where did my baby go, and who is that little boy?!?!

kenny in january 004.jpg

Hide and Go Seek

February 23rd, 2007

Kenny’s new favorite game is “hide and seek.”   Unfortunately, his favorite person to play it with is Dudley, who is not always aware of the event.

Today poor Kenny sat under a blanket for at least ten minutes (while I sat close by, painfully observing), waiting for Dudley to “seek” him…   Guess what didn’t happen.   But Kenny was not to be deterred.   He emerged, not discouraged, but inspired, and instead walked over to where Dudley was sitting and put the blanket over Dudley’s head, declaring, “Dudley! HIDE!   Dudley hiding!”   and ran in circles around our faithful pup until he “found” Dudley by whipping the blanket off his head and yelling, “DUDLEY!   Ders Dudley!”

Ah, to have that sweet young imagination.

So That’s How He Got That Hat…

February 22nd, 2007

This morning after Kenny’s MyGym class, he and I met Casey at the Scottsdale Stadium to watch a little Spring Training practice with the San Francisco Giants. The sun was high, the air was warm and the balls were flying. Kenny was excited, and we even nabbed a front row seat right behind the pitchers and catchers.

spring training feb 22 010.jpg

A recipe for a perfect day until a single pitch went out of control and landed full force into an elderly lady’s face.

I know. It was one of the most sickening things I’ve ever witnessed. She was in such shock, she made no sound, but the river of blood flowing from beneath the hands covering her face was horrific. The stands went silent and the players froze, anxiously looking up at the frail lady in the pink sweater. Someone called for a doctor, then the paramedics were called, and in an instant, I jumped up with Kenny in my arms and ran up the steps and out into the promenade. I was shaking so hard, thinking of how close we were to that woman, thinking that my little boy was just yards away from the fast ball. And then my trusty vasal vagal reaction kicked in.

I handed Kenny to Casey and said, “I’m going to black out in a minute.” and promptly sat down next to an empty hot dog stand. Casey grabbed one of the spare paramedics following the stretcher with the injured lady on it and told him what was going on. As the amblance sped away, and as poor Kenny called, “Mama? Mama? Mama?????” the second response team attended to the poor limp Me fading into a fainting spell…

spring training feb 22 015.jpg

(I think it’s pretty funny that Casey had the inclination to snap this shot… he told me later that he figured I want it for my blog…)

These guys were just about the nicest, gentlest firemen you’ll ever meet. A big burly guy with a ten o’clock shadow took my blood pressure three times in a row, whispering to another of the paramedics. I finally came too a little and asked what it was. 60 over 40. Whoa. They took my pulse for awhile too… it started out at forty and climbed to 52 as I started getting some blood back into my brain. A few minutes later, my pressure went back up to 80 over 50 and they let me sit up. That’s when I noticed Kenny high-fiving one of the firemen and wearing a red “Junior Fire Fighter” hat. Once they decided I could stand up, they also let me know that the woman was going to be fine, and was already at the hospital for treatment. Then they gave Casey and Kenny a tour of the firetruck

spring training feb 22 019.jpg

A few more pictures and many thanks later, we parted ways.

spring training feb 22 021.jpg

The vasal vagal / fainting spells have happened about 10 times in my adult life, most specifically with either being hurt myself, or witnessing someone get hurt. The last time it happened, I was eight weeks pregnant and at the movies watching Million Dollar Baby. When the scene where Hillary Swank gets dirty-punched and breaks her neck, I ran out of the theater, vomited in the lobby and passed out. I met some nice paramedics that time, too.

The rest of today has been rough – I’m still dizzy and out-of-sorts. Not easy when you’ve got a rebel-rouser toddler who doesn’t sit still for a second. He did wear his fireman hat all day….

spring training feb 22 022.jpg

Have you ever seen a cuter kid? And my super-star husband came home early to bathe Kenny and get him to bed, and then make me dinner. He’s in the kitchen right now, banging pots and pans, and I think I smell something yummy… But I just can’t shake that image of the poor lady holding her face in her hands. I’ve been praying for her all day, and wish there was some way I could find out how she is.

Random Bits of Information

February 21st, 2007

Kenny pooped five (yes, FIVE) times today.   How can that be?   He’s not sick, all of it was “normal.”   I guess when a boy’s gotta go, a boy’s gotta go….

When I said, “Wow, Kenny!   You’ve pooped a lot today!” on change number four, he chirped up, “POOP!   Poop like Dudley.”   You see, we’ve been talking about how everyone poops, since Kenny is mesmerized watching Dudley do his business in the yard.   I replied, “No, baby.   Dudley poops outside, Kenny poops in a diaper,”  and Kenny said, “Poop osside like Dudley.”   Well, he was right.   We’d been playing outside when he did it….

Kenny was trying to convince me to let him play with the balls from the pool table in the living room, and I said (rather without thinking), “No, Honey.   Those are Daddy’s balls.”    So he spent the rest of the day pointing at the pool table and shouting, “Daddy’s Balls!”

We were at the park, wandering around the playground equipment, which is surrounded by sand, and Kenny stopped to pick up a handful.   I said, “That’s sand, Kenny.   Just like at the beach!”   and Kenny said, “Beetch!   Beetch!”   only it sounded a whole lot like another not very nice word.   He continued saying it as several other moms and tots walked past us…. “BEETCH!   BEETCH!”   I couldn’t help but blush at the accusatory glances… what must  she be teaching  her child? these women wondered…

feb1 006.jpg

In Other Words

February 19th, 2007

Ok all you bloggers out there:

Have you ever totally wanted desperately to write about something because it’s all you can think about and it’s practically consuming your waking hours, yet you can’t because what you want so passionately to talk about is not ready to be talked about?   Or because a certain person or group of persons might read it and be offended?   Or because…     It’s infuriating!   After all, the very nature of a blog is a journal, really, and yet because it is public, it’s not a journal at all, at least not in the “Dear Diary” sense, and you can’t just go on spouting about any old topic.   You have to censor yourself, for goodness sake!

So let me try to focus on something else.   Hm.   Dudley is sitting behind me, licking himself like a fiend with such gusto, you might actually start to believe that they didn’t get it all when we took him to get “fixed.”   The sound is stomach churning, filling my mouth with bile at the very slurp, slurp, slurp which my fixated canine is taking such pleasure in.  

On a happier note, here is a picture of said guilty pup and my sweet, perfect child in Sedona a few days ago:

sedona 002.jpg

We took Casey’s folks to Sedona this past Friday, and it was just gorgeous.   Dudley was the star of the town, getting stopped every few feet to be admired, and Kenny loved the gorgeous views, and getting totted around in his beloved backpack.   This is beautiful country out here!

Who Taught This Kid To Talk?

February 18th, 2007

Kenny has gone from about a hundred  words to at least  couple hundred nearly overnight.   He will now repeat everything and anything you say.   (That is not a boast, it is a warning.   No more  accidental four-letter words allowed.   No more even slightly-suggestive-of-four-letter words allowed.)   Not only will he repeat the words when you say them, but he will  say them again later in context.   It’s amazing and slightly scary.  

His favorite book the last few days has been a big board book about construction trucks, which he refers to as “Ment” (short for cement).   In the car today, we were talking to him about his book, and asking him what else was in the book beside the cement truck.    He said, “pipe,” “chute” and “up and down” (refering to the motion that the cement chute makes).    And he’s comprehending responses.   If you say “up high!” he’ll respond with “do’ low!”   If you  ask him what’s in his cup, he’ll say “Apa-orge juice.   Ice.”   If you say, “Let’s go for a walk in the stroller!”   he will answer, “Hep walk Dudley.”   He can point out and say  eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head, belly and heart.   And he will tell you which pair of shoes he wants to wear.

All of this is confirming  Casey’s theory that he was really a few months old when he was born.    

But it is facinating to watch his little mind at work.   I really do know what he’s thinking about most of the time these days.   And he is exuberant to finally be understood about what he wants to say.   You can tell by the way his face beams when you interact with him that he is thrilled to be a part of the action, and not just a silent bystander.   As I write, he is outside in the backyard with his grandparents and Daddy, playing t-ball and filling his plastic dump truck with rocks to deposit in the living room.   He is also becoming a fan of “Hide and Seek” where he will “hide” by flattening himself against the side of the house in the backyard and quivering with excitement, waiting for us to “find” him.   It is a hoot, by all standards.

More to come… I am working on a uploading videos, so hopefully, I’ll have a clip of this afternoon’s t-ball game to share later today…

night on the town

February 16th, 2007

feb 15 016.jpg

Casey and I celebrated a belated Valentine’s tonight with an unbelievable dinner out at the City Hall Steakhouse here in Scottsdale…. imagine Ruth’s Chris on disco. I think I ate a pound of butter, no joke, between the mashed potatoes smothered with chunks of lobster in beurre blanc, the butter crusted filet mignon, and the fourless chocolate cake. Sin on a plate. But a night out without frantically catching pieces of bread being flung from the highchair of a future major-leaguer was the best part.

Casey and I celebrated a belated Valentine’s tonight with an unbelievable dinner out at the City Hall Steakhouse here in Scottsdale…. imagine Ruth’s Chris on disco. I think I ate a pound of butter, no joke, between the mashed potatoes smothered with chunks of lobster in beurre blanc, the butter crusted filet mignon, and the fourless chocolate cake. Sin on a plate. But a night out without frantically catching pieces of bread being flung from the highchair of a future major-leaguer was the best part.And Kenny was in fine hands. My in-laws are out here for a week, and they graciously stayed home to eat leftovers and watch late night TV so that Casey and I could go out and gaze at each other across a table for two without having to sing “The Farmer and the Dell” to occupy The Wiggler until dinner arrived. We even lingered over coffee and dessert. And drove the convertible. And I wore white, without fear of toddler smears and spatters. A wonderful night, no doubt about it.

And we managed to only talk about Kenny half the time, too. Kenny has been happy as ever to have not only me to play with him all day, but his “PAPA!” and “MaMA Woobee” (that is, Gramma Ruby) here to dote on his every antic.

feb 15 005.jpg

His Papa is almost as serious about lego buildings as he is. Stay tuned: tomorrow they build the Sears Tower.

Casey and I celebrated a belated Valentine’s tonight with an unbelievable dinner out at the City Hall Steakhouse here in Scottsdale…. imagine Ruth’s Chris on disco. I think I ate a pound of butter, no joke, between the mashed potatoes smothered with chunks of lobster in beurre blanc, the butter crusted filet mignon, and the fourless chocolate cake. Sin on a plate. But a night out without frantically catching pieces of bread being flung from the highchair of a future major-leaguer was the best part.


My Funny Valentine

February 14th, 2007

valentines day 002.jpg



Casey came home tonight bearing a gorgeous bunch of ruby-red tulips (my favorite!) and a gigantic ballon for Kenny.   The balloon is easily twice his size, and he ran around the house with it like a cheetah in his excitement…. “BAOOOOOOOOON!     BAAAOOOOOON!”   There is nothing that would have made this kid happier.

And there is so much love to celebrate:   My wonderful, adorable, brilliant, charming, handsome husband, Casey, and my hysterically funny, lovable, smart and sweet kid, Kenny.   What more could a girl want???   Casey is taking me out tomorrow night to celebrate at a swanky spot here in town, and we plan to get dressed to the nines and stay out late.   What a life I am blessed to have.   I am in awe of God’s goodness, and so full of love I could burst.   Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 13th, 2007

All of the sudden, over the last three days, Kenny has started speaking in sentences.   It all started Sunday, when we went to the railroad park: Kenny rode the train with Casey, and afterward we were talking about Papa and Gramma coming for a visit.   Kenny said, “Ride Choo Choo!” and then “Ride choo choo-wi-Papa.”   And that was that.

Since then, we’ve had, “Hep wok Dudley” (Help walk Dudley), “Park-to-Play” (he wants to go to the park to play), “Mama blocks, peas?”  (he wants me to play blocks with him), “Teddy wah ornge-juice” (Teddy wants orange juice… also with cookie, cracker, water and cheese).   And a few others.

I am stunned.   I hardly expected him to be stringing words together like this so soon!   He’s put words together, like, “Ball, udder ball, two balls!” and his favorite, “Poop poddy” (which means he’s pooped, but not that he wants to go on the potty), but the verbs are all new.   I am so bursting with pride, it’s silly.

So funny to think that only a few months ago, I used to be dying to know what he was thinking, and now, I really do.   He tells me when he wants to read books, or play baseball, or eat bananas.   He tells me that he needs a cookie, or orange juice, or a hug.   And he even tells me he loves me (“Mama?   Ahhh, Mama.”).   He makes my heart melt, that little guy.

Oh, Is That All?

February 12th, 2007

We had a little scare over the last few days.   Kenny developed an odd little patch on his skin several weeks ago that went from a tiny bump to a spot the size of a dime; it was red and raised and scaly, and if you typed its description into Google, you got back all kinds of pictures of skin cancer.   After a nearly sleepless night last night (for me, not Kenny), we took him to the pediatrician this morning.   I think I literally held my breath as she looked at the spot, and then said, “Ok, nothing to worry too much about; it’s just ringworm.”

Contrary to the name, ringworm has nothing to do with worms, but it infact the same bacterial fungus that causes athlete’s foot, and can be passed from kid to kid, dog or cat to kid, or dirty playground equipment to kid.  

So no more face-lickies from Dudley, Kenny boy.   But does that mean no more trips to the park, or gymnastics classes, or church nurseries?   Here I was, diligently washing Kenny’s hands after each play encounter, stelthfully warding off cold viruses and the like, and yet never thinking to immediately bath his entire body with warm soapy water.   And as for the doggy-kisses?   Kenny begs Dudley for a lick; he practically sticks his head in Dudley’s tongue-zone every chance he gets.   grrr.

In other news, today was the first day that we’ve been living in Scottsdale that Kenny didn’t take  a nap.   And, of course, it was the only time I’ve actually counted on him to, and desperately needed him to, as my in-laws are coming tomorrow, and there is way too much to be done.  

Instead of napping, he stalked me while I tried to vacuum.   “Hep.   Hep, Mama, hep!”   he says, without stopping to take a breath, “hep” meaning “help” as he really thinks he’s helping when he commandeers the vacuum and stands there for twenty minutes going back and forth over the same spot.   I finally gave up, and took him into the living room and turned on some cartoons.   As Kenny is so not into TV (as I’m victoriously glad, except for moments like this when I just need to occupy him for 15 minutes so I can mop the kitchen), he wandered in to the wet tile, slipped dramatically, did the spilts when he tried to get up, then belly flopped, all the twelve seconds it took he to leap over to him to drag him out of slippery harms way.   I took him outside with his wiffle balls, as I had the back french doors wide open and was just inside, to try and finish.   Five minutes and my task was complete!   I walked out to get Kenny, who had been standing unusually still, to find him with both shoes mashed firmly into a fresh pile of Dudley doo, and the offending stink on one of his hands.   So much for following the ringworm preventative measures to the letter….

And then tonight, as my sweet baby slumbered, about to pass out from exhaustion on the couch after making dinner and a batch of chocolate chip cookies, Casey turns to me and asks, “Will you scratch my elbow?”

Calgon, take me away.

feb1 003.jpg

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