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Somebody’s Homesick…

June 5th, 2007

I mentioned in my post last night that I took our weimaraner Dudley to the Veterinary Emergency Room for some uncontrollable vomitting.   Well, not one hour after our return home, he started doing something that I’m not going to describe in too much detail, lest I cause one of my readers to lose their lunch.   We thought he was hemorraging, and I raced him back to the puppy ER (which is 35 minutes from our house, by the way), only to be told that this sort of.. uh.. discharge was the result of some bad tummy bile making its way down poor Dudley’s intestinal tract and eating away at his colon.   He had absolutely no control of what was seeping (and alternately flooding) out of him, and he was miserably ashamed and in pain.

Casey and I slept less than an hour each last night, between getting up and changing his bedding and calming him down.   This morning, Kenny and I took Dudley to our regular vet (who is 45 minutes away), and she admitted him to the Vet Hospital for the day to get him on an IV and keep him clean.     I spent Kenny’s nap time sanitizing various floors in the house where he lost control.   We traipsed back to pick him up at six tonight (and caught in the afterwork traffic, the ride cost us an hour each way), and he is now leashed to the front stairs, lying on an old blanket and whining.   The vet said to expect another 24 to 48 hours of this before it “runs its course” and I shiver to think of what our house may look like by the time he’s better.

While I was making dinner, Kenny, who is Dudley’s biggest fan, tentatively walked over to where he was laying.   “Dudley’s sad,” he said, and the next time I looked up, he had walked over to the bookshelf and gotten down a picture of Dudley as a puppy and laid it next to Dudley’s head.   He caught me watching and said, “Dudley’s pitcher!   Dudley all better!” Then he proceeded to take several other pictures over to Dudley’s head, somehow constructing a little offering to the ill pup.   He wanted to give Dudley a sip of his juice, too, but I had to intervene.

Needless to say, we’ve come to the conclusion that Dudley wasn’t meant to fly the friendly skies.   It seems that all this is a direct result of the “stress of airline travel.”   Guess who’s getting a car ride all the way to Scottsdale next fall…

You Haven’t Had a Full Day Until…

June 4th, 2007

… Your dog throws up in the room you just finished vacuming (four times)….

… Your toddler gets his head stuck between a chair and the corner of  a bookcase…

… You toddler watches his very first episode of “Go Diego, Go!” as you ice the goose egg on the side of his head with frozen blueberries…

… You remember at six o’clock that you had planned a roast chicken for supper, and seeing that you don’t want to eat dinner at nine, you hand carve it into pieces to fry in the skillet…   (I am such a pioneer)

… You take the dog to the emergency vet when he won’t eat, then throws up again, only to discover that he has a three hundred and eighty dollar belly ache…

… You drag fourteen bags, two trashcans, three boxes, a full recycle bin and a broken mop to the curb in the rain for your first trash day, post move-in…

I hope tomorrow is only half full…

Commentary from the Right (Coast)

June 3rd, 2007

We are in our third full day of our return to Maryland ~ between the cleaning and unpacking and rearranging, we are slowly getting settled back in.     Kenny is getting used to a big green yard, and Dudley has picked up where he left off chasing ducks and geese.       Once again we are awakened with a sunrise over the water and boats slicing through the water in our back yard.   Today it rained all day, and Kenny spent many long minutes staring out the window exclaiming, “Rainin’ outside!”

All in all, it’s good to be home.

I hope to be back in full “blogging mode” in the next few days, but I have had little time to sit and write; much less to sit and collect my thoughts.   I am also dealing with between 200 and 300 spam comments every day to sift through on my site… it seems some unsavory character over at a rude website picked me to  feature in his “Worst Site of the Day” column last week, and though I saw a fun bump in my web traffic, I’ve also been hit with double the spam.   As for my fifteen minutes of unfortunate web fame, I am not even going to say who or what, because the last thing I want is a back-handed link to this creep’s site.   Suffice to say he wrote some immature and down-right mean things about me (and mommybloggers in general), and I hope to make that my last foray into the mainstream web-world, at least until I’m recognized for something more admirable.   Casey has made some jokes about calls from Fox News for my “response” but I prefer to move on.

So there it is, and hopefully in the next day or two I will have stories to tell, and pictures to post!  

please check back tomorrow for something more

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