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A Little Early for the ’08 Olympics…

February 2nd, 2008

Kenny has been going to Rolly Pollie (and My Gym while we lived in Arizona) since he was about 9 months old.   It is fair to say that it’s the highlight of his week.   I love watching him work so hard at the skills he learns there – from mastering the two-footed hop to swinging un-aided on a trapeze (which gives Mommy the willies!), he is getting to be a pretty strong little gymnast.

This week in class, we worked on forward rolls.   He’s done them a few times before, but really got the hang of it this week.   He still needs assistance, but the actual mechanics are coming together well.   Anyway, at home this week, he has been asking me to “practice” with him, as he rolls on the carpet.   Yesterday, he started jumping on the couch, holding on to one of the arm rests, and just as I started to say, “Kenny – no jumping on the couch, please!” he tucked his head perfectly and went flying through the air in a flip, landing on his arse on the ground with a thud.

At least he hasn’t yet tried to use the ceiling fan as a trapeze….

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