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15 Minutes of Sane

October 1st, 2008

 Did you ever notice that it seems as if all all baby-occupying toys have an automatic switch off after fifteen minutes?   The bouncy seat vibration, the mobile on the crib, the music on the swing.   I understand the effort to save batteries, but why started a happy baby out of his reverie and into a full-scale scream merely to save a few triple-A’s?  

So here we are, in the final  9 day countdown before the BIG MOVE to Atlanta.   And Casey is in Hong Kong for the next 6.   Can you just imagine, friendly reader, that I am sitting here half bald from pulling my hair out and frantically stuffing brownies into my mouth in desperate attempt to pull myself together?

How exactly does one pack up an entire household when left alone with a three-year-old and a three-month-old?   Ok, the movers are technically packing us, but I’ve been going crazy trying to organize things so that they can be packed.   We don’t have a basement or an attic in this house, so every closet is stuffed to the gills… baby toys, outgrown clothes, sporting equipment, books, wrapping paper, and on and on.   And I can’t just let the movers pack the rooms as they are, because nothing in the closets belongs in their respective rooms.   A box marked “guest room” would contain a pack-n-play, Casey’s baseball card collection, my wedding veil, an over-sized fire engine toy, my high school yearbooks, and all of our winter coats, if I don’t go through and sort these things out.

Now imagine how Kenny and Cooper are taking the fact that Mommy is busy.   No, really busy.   As in, I need hours of time to do all this, and Cooper (just like his big brother) DOES NOT NAP more than 30 minutes at a time and Kenny has all but given up his.   As in, No, Daddy won’t be home for dinner, or bath time, or bedtime, and no, not breakfast either because he is halfway around the world getting started on his incredible new job.   As in, please, Sweetheart, please don’t unpack that box Mommy just packed, and no, no more TV because I think your brain might arrest development with one more animated second.  

I did have a dear, awesome friend come over for two hours this morning with her son so that Kenny could play, she could hold the baby and I could clean out the kitchen cabinets and pantry.   It rocked.   Then my own Mommy came over this afternoon to stay through the night.   Unfortunately, by the time my mom got here, Kenny and Cooper both were all about Me.   It most assuredly did not rock.  

Coop nursed every hour and Kenny whined non-stop.   “Mommy, play with me!   I’m hungry.   I want a banana.   Not that banana!   I’m hungry for something else.   I don’t want Grammy to read to me, I want you to.   Let Cooper cry, Mommy and PLAY WITH ME!!”   My mom finally suggested that maybe I wasn’t making enough milk in my stress, and perhaps that’s why Cooper was so desperate to nurse.   As for Kenny’s whining, I realized that he just really misses Casey and doesn’t know how to express himself.   But did I handle him well today?   Enter a resounding no.   So stressed was I at the fact that I couldn’t get anything done this afternoon, I snapped at him more than once.   More than three or four times, even.   I didn’t yell, to be clear, but boy was I about ready to lock myself in the  closet with a bag of chocolate chips and some earplugs.

It’s funny… a while back I got an email from an occassional  reader of this blog who said that she couldn’t stand me and Mommyblog because it just seemed like I was too perfect.   I thought about her today.   I thought… man, if she could see me now she might become my biggest fan…

Ah, but now it appears that it’s time for bed…




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