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Cliff Notes

April 29th, 2009

I can’t believe I haven’t been to my own blog in over a week.   What on earth have I been doing with myself?   And of course now, with time to sit at the computer, all I can do is surf stories about the Swine Flu.   We just found out that there is a “probable” case at the elementary school where all our friend’s school-age kids go, so we are on lock-down, to say the least.   Casey has a half-day business trip to NYC tomorrow, and is out buying hand sanitizer for the Amtrak trip… I want to know if I can petition a Lysol bomb over the train car, just as a precautionary measure…

Tonight, I decided to produce a quick Cliff Notes version of the last week for tonight’s post, so that I can get back to my Swine Flu research:

Cooper’s two top teeth STILL haven’t come through.   It’s been two weeks now of seeing them just under the skin – they did actually pop through once and the skin grew back!   I ache for him.   And we’re out of Motrin.   Again.

The weather here has been close to that in WHOville… we had 90+ degree weather Saturday through Monday, then high 80’s on Tuesday and today was 58 and drizzly.   Go figure.  

On Sunday we went to our first Oriole’s game of the season, and Cooper’s first game ever!   It was 96 at game time, making it most likely the hottest game we will ever attend.   Today we went to a noon game, and it was struggling to stay in the 50’s, making it most likely the coldest game we will attend.   How ’bout that?

Cooper is still saying, “BALL!” all day long, and chasing them non-stop, but it now also saying “Baba” for “bottle” and said, “Bock!” several times today, pointing at the blocks in the floor.   He is also starting to imitate general sounds better.   I was feeding him some pasta tonight, and said, “That’s good, huh?”   and he said, “ah duud!” and clapped.   Genius, I tell you.   Genius.

Dudley finally succeeded, after three years, of ridding our yard from his nemesis – a grossly obese ground hog who has been living under our back deck since Kenny was a baby.   He chased that thing nearly every day, sometimes even crawling on his belly under the deck (and getting stuck a few times) to try and catch him.   But yesterday, the unfortunate mammal ventured onto our dock, and Dudley spied him from the other side of the yard.   He tore down there and the poor waddler jumped off in terror, trying to swim to shore.     Kenny and I watched from the yard, not sure if we should root for him or not, as we were certain that if he climbed ashore, Dudley would finally catch him.   The brave little soul made a go for it, but gave up as Dudley kept him from climbing up the bulk head.   Kenny got big eyes and said, “Mama?   Why’d he stop swimming?”   “He died, honey.”   “Oh.”   Our next door neighbor, who was also a witness piped in, “I’m sure he’s in Heaven, Kenny!” leaving Kenny with another 800 questions about life, death, dead bodies, animals and the like.   Rest in peace, Mr. Groundhog.

How ‘Bout Them Teeth?

April 22nd, 2009

Cooper was up again nearly all night, even loaded up with Motrin and Orajel, and I finally left him to cry it out at 5 am so I could at least get an hour or two of sleep.   The first time I got up with him, as soon as I walked into the room, his shrieks subsided and he started talking to me, “Daba daba DA!” and on and on, as if to say, “Oh Most Glorious Mama, I am so sorry to get you out of bed, but my teeth hurt!   Warm milk, please.”   I cuddled him and nursed him back to sleep.   The second time, two hours later, I gave him more motrin and walked him a little, all the while he kept on a steady chatter of his woes: “DA da da da da BADA!”   The third time, again two hours later, I was a little less charmed and patted him on the head (after checking his diaper, just to make sure) and left the room ,closed the door and turned off the baby monitor.   Fortunately for Kenny, he was already sleeping in my bed, since Casey was out of town, and at least he was spared the audio carnage.

When I was finally dragged out of bed a few hours later by a wide awake Kenny, I realized that every muscle in my body ached.   It wasn’t until I had the first cup of coffee in me that I realized that it wasn’t just the sleepless night.

(Wait.   If you are a male colleague or friend of my husband’s checking in, the next paragraph is about my “girls” – and not the happy Hooters kind, but the painful nursing kind.   Skip to the paragraph that starts off, “It got rougher…”

Yep, it was mastitis – my first bout since having Cooper, but I had it often enough nursing Kenny that I know it.   Ouch.   Waaaaaah.   No tylenol for me, though, I decided to tough through the pain.   I’m not so smart sometimes.   Ok, so let’s just say that the day started rough.

It got rougher when I made breakfast, and Kenny decided that mine looked better than his and he ate it.   This after trying for ten minutes to talk him into letting me make him  a sunny side up egg like I was having, and him refusing and begging for scrambled instead.   Told you so.

Then he did just about everything he could think of to get on my nerves – climbing over the back of the couch, walking around with his sippy cup held between his front teeth – all things that I’ve harped over and forbidden.   Finally I spanked him (something I’ve done so infrequently he was more surprised than pained) and thought that the day could only go uphill.

Wrong.   The forecast was gloomy – 48 and raining – and this after several warm sunny days, making it impossible to get outside.   That is, until I remembered that I had to go feed my friend’s cat.   Soaked, we returned 45 minutes later and I was determined to get it right the rest of the day.   Lunch:   Good.   Nap for Cooper:   Didn’t happen.   Quiet time for Kenny: Yeah, right.

The sun broke out and 3 and I hustled everyone into warm clothes and hats and we set out to take the dogs for a walk.   We were exactly one mile from our house when the thunder boomed and the rain started to pour.   I started running, Kenny and Cooper started laughing and crying at the same time and we made it to our door ten minutes later, soaked and miffed.   And then the sun came out again.   Thanks.   Yeah.   Nice.

But then the rain started again a minute later, so I was somewhat vindicated.   Anyway, the antsy-ness increased 100 fold, Cooper still wouldn’t nap and Kenny became Dennis the Menace.     Then Dudley chewed up a gift that my grandma had made for him, a little wooden toy, and he lost it completely.   So did Cooper, though I don’t think he knew why he was crying at that point.    

We somehow made it through dinner and books and then it was there – the Holy Grail of a really bad day: Bed Time.   Finally.    They both fell  asleep so fast I barely had time to say, “Good night; I love you…”

Now I sit exhausted and still in pain.   I was ready to write through it all and find some humor in it, but that was before I decided to catch up on the day at  CNN.com.   I read an article about how moms of young children are at high risk for serious internet addiction, referencing “Mommy Blogs” in particular as a “drug” of sorts to escape from the reality of life.    Never mind.   I needed to go to bed anyway.

April 21st, 2009


Can you just take a moment and melt?

After a few sleepless nights, the little guy and his big brother fell asleep nine minutes before their official bedtime tonight to the sounds of a thunderstorm outside and the harmonious snoring of two large dogs on the big bed with us.   Amen, and amen again.

Speaking of dogs, we are watching a friend’s chocolate lab for the week.

gabby..   She is so sweet, even humble, if that is possible with a dog.   She is, in many ways, the opposite of Dudley.   And her unique nature has caused an unexpected change in Dudley.   He is suddenly more than willing to share his bed (or the couch), and even “taught” her how to use the dog door.   He has been much calmer than normal and had gotten into less messes than usual.   I wonder if we can keep her??   (Jody, are you reading this?)

My grandparents are in town for the week as well, and headed over to my  house with my parents this afternoon to play with the kid, or rather,  watch them enact various gymnastic shenanigans for their attention.   Kenny managed a few back flips off the couch and Cooper actually got himself wedged under the piano when he crawled under after his ball and tried to stand up.   He literally got stuck with his head pressed against the underside of the piano and his feet firmly planted on the floor.   My mom had to kind of pry him sideways to get him out.    

We did have fun with “Gigi and Papa Bob” though, and both boys were extra loving and affectionate.   And darnit if I didn’t completely forget to take a single picture the whole time.


April 19th, 2009

I have an odd confession to make: I’ve got a parallel life.   Not a real one, one entirely in my head, but real enough that it is sometimes all the encouragement I need to get me through the day.   It is nerdy, so stay with me here…

Ever since Kenny was born, whenever I’m having a rough day (or a rough ten minutes), I imagine how I would get through it if I were in Little House on the Prairie.   Not the TV show – that was fun to watch as a kid, but it veered off too much from the books for me.   I have had a minor obsession with the Laura Ingalls Wilder books since I was a preteen.   I have read most of them 20 or more times, and even re-read the series when I first had Kenny in those lonely midnight nursing hours.   I might seem weird, but it’s really facinating to think about.

Let’s say I’m having trouble thinking of something to make for dinner.   Well, poor Ma was stuck with potatoes and salt pork all winter, waiting for spring when the garden started to grow and Pa started hunting again.   And then it wasn’t like she could log into Safeway.com (what would I do without you, Safeway??) and order some chicken breasts and ground round… no, she had to butcher whatever Pa came home with and make it last.  

Kids driving you nuts?     There were no DVD players on the prarie.   Kids won’t pick up their toys?   At least they have them!   Ma had to entertain preschoolers with wooden spoons and metal pots all day.   But of course, there was always, “Who wants a turn milking the cow?” and “How many eggs did the hen lay today??”     And what did she do with a three-year-old with a bottomless stomach?   I tell Kenny to go make himself an Eggo, or grab a yogurt out of the fridge.   Did they even have snacks?

And Ma didn’t have a sleek double jogging stroller to pop the kids in when she needed to get out of the house.   She was stuck until they could all walk on their own.   And what did she do to free her brain at the end of a trying day?   Here I am complaining about a slow internet connection, and Ma was sitting there by the light of a candle darning socks and underwear.

Days when I’m on my fourth load of laundry, I envy Ma for the fact that they only had a few dresses each, and they could get away with wearing them for days at a stretch.   Then again, when the kids had a growth spurt, she couldn’t head out to Old Navy or cash in her Gymbucks – she had to send Pa to The Store for fabric and make the new clothes by hand.   Of course, Ma only had a one (and later two) room house to clean, so she had a lot more time on her hands.

Kenny, Child of the Wild

April 16th, 2009

The weather finally broke today, and after three miserable days of wind and freezing rain, the sun burst forth and the air was anything but cold.   Kenny and Cooper and I spent the afternoon outside, walking Dudley, swinging on the swingset, and running around the yard.

I could even feel a vestige of my missing joie de vivre seep back in, in spite of a near sleepless night with Cooper.   He was up until after midnight, for no reason that we could discern, other than the fact that he just learned to say, “ball!” and wanted to be walked around the house so that he could point to the (ridiculously large) assortment of balls scattered nearly everywhere.

Just before going in to make dinner, I plopped Cooper into the playpen on the deck so that I could pitch to Kenny.   That future MVP hit three balls from our deck to just nearly into the water, about 70 feet away!    Who new a three-year-old could make a wiffle ball fly like that?   Several hits also nearly beaned Cooper, but fortunately missed.  

I told Kenny that I needed to run in and use the bathroom, and emphatically instructed that he stay right here on the deck for the 90 seconds that I would be gone.   He obeyed, but apparently felt compelled to answer the call of nature right here as well:


Yes, I grabbed the camera before telling him to stop that right now!

At least none of the neighbors are close enough to see…


April 15th, 2009

Every Wednesday, I meet with three friends (and our collective 6 preschoolers) to have coffee and work through a Bible study together.   This week’s lesson focused on Joy.   Actually, it was last week’s lesson, but none of us could get into the “joy thing” last week, so we agreed to revisit it this week.

Let me start by saying that we are all very blessed in many ways: though none of us are rich, none of us are really struggling financially; we all have healthy children and handsome and kind husbands; we all have nice houses and cars; we are all good looking.   Ok, that last one was a joke, but you get the picture.   Bottom line – we all have great lives, and certainly nothing to complain about (other than one woman who’s primary marital issue is that her husband won’t put his own socks away).  

But when tasked with studying and discussing   Joy, we were kind of stumped.   Yeah, we’re happy.   Yes, we have joyful times and great lives and lots of fun and funny friends.   But all four of us are stuck in a place called The Everyday.   Everyday as in, “Didn’t I clean this mess up yesterday?”   “Is there really still more laundry to fold?”   “How many times can I read this book before my eyes pop out in self defense??”

I even hesitate to write this, for fear of sounding like a spoiled brat.   I love staying home with my kids.   In fact, the very thought of “going back to work” sends  chills down my spine.   I couldn’t do anything but what I’m doing now, and I savor the priviledge it is to raise my kids and run my household.   But what is it about getting buried in the mundane of the everyday that seems to  leak the joy out of life sometimes?   Maybe it’s the very act of living for your kids (and husband, though let’s face it – he does get the smalled piece of the Mama pie, right?) that sucks the individualism out of your own life.

Some days I feel zest and zeal for what I do, and others I wonder how in the world I’m going to make it to dinner time.   Sometimes I revel in the opportunity to witness daily triumphs like first steps and learning to read, and other days I wallow in the boredom of  folding socks  and washing dishes.   Is that ok to admit as a Mommy?

Tell me your thoughts!

Test One Two Three

April 14th, 2009

Yahoo!   It looks as if I’m back in the saddle again.   But for now, just a test post, to make sure that I’m not going to spend the next hour writing, only to have it disappear in a whirl of modem smoke…

Here is Cooper, aloft:


 Here is Kenny, five nano-seconds after he realized I had a camera pointed at his little brother:


As I clicked, Kenny actually said, “See Mama!   I can stand up, too!”   What do you say to that?   “Yeah, sweets, you’ve been doing it now for three years.”   Or the slightly less sarcastic, “Wow, Kenny.   I can’t believe I’ve never noticed!”

Actually, what I like best about this shot is that only Kenny is wearing a camo shirt.   Cooper’s looks like camouflage, but it’s really only the stratigic smears of pureed sweet potato.   And as to why  neither is wearing pants,  don’t ask.   Who needs pants, anyway?

Technically, Still Difficult

April 12th, 2009

See my problem here is that every time I try to write a post, if I attempt to save it before publishing, my server deletes it.   And unfortunately, my hosting program automatically saves what I’m writing every five minutes.   Therefore, if I take longer than five minutes to conjure up something brilliant to write, it is lost in space.   Think of it as a cyber-Gong Show.

So let me take this brief (tick-tock-tick-tock…) opportunity to request some feedback from my readers.

MommyBlog.com is in the process of a major expansion.   Some of the things that will be appearing in the coming months, besides a new look, will be a place for Moms (and Dads, too!) to create their own “Mommy Blog” right from this site.   There will also be a way to search for other MommyBlog readers who share the same interests or life-situations as you do, and a way to contact them within the MommyBlog community.     Whether it’s by child age range, number of children, children with special needs, surviving a miscarriage, the death of a child, single moms, military moms (you get the picture), there will be a place for you to connect with other moms going through the same stage of life that you are.   Up at 3 am with a collicy newborn?   Sneaking in a little sanity at naptime?   We are also hoping to give moms a chance to connect in real time.

My question for you all is: What would you like to see on MommyBlog.com?   Let your imagination run wild, and tell me that if you were looking for the ideal Mom Blog to hang out with, what would it look like?   What would you be able to do there?   Let me hear from you!

Feel free to comment to this post (I think that should be working now) or use the “Your Input Needed” form on the right side bar.   I want to hear what you have to say!


Technical Difficulties

April 10th, 2009

Mommyblog is having some server problems… please check back soon!   🙂

In the meantime, go check out this video… I promise it will make you smile:  


Slippery Genius

April 7th, 2009

My blog would so rock if I had a little recording device to hang on my shirt all day.   I have moments of pure genius of wit and commentary on the daily scramble  and think, “Ooh!   I have to put that on my blog later today!” only to sit hours later in front of a blank computer screen and mumble, “What was that again??”

But I do  remember thinking at one point today, Wow: two kids are a lot harder than one.


I have a friend whose husband insists that having more than one child is developmentally irresponsible.   He says that there is no way you can effectively rear more than one child without seriously neglecting key teaching opportunities.   Then I have another friend with five kids whose husband insists that they need a few more – arguing that the more kids you   have, the more fun you have and the more they learn about life.   Then there’s another that just read the Duggar’s autobiography, 20 and Counting, and swears that they have  a lot of catching up to do.    

But back to my own (obvious) revelation: being a stay-at-home mom to more than one preschooler is tough.   When Kenny was Cooper’s age, he never napped.   Never, ever, never.   Unless I nursed him to sleep and held him perfectly still.   If I so much as shifted my elbow, he was up with a start, looked at me and shouted with glee, ready to play with the Mama.   At least he was happy, right?   But I had a little routine for awhile: at 10AM, I would sit and nurse him and watch ER, which had back-to-back episodes at 10 and 11 in syndication.   I would usually make it through both.    Occasionally at 1 I would sit in the same spot and turn on the Food Network, and we’d get through Everyday Italian and part of Paula’s Home Cooking.   (Ok, I didn’t do that every single day.    Just when I could get away with it!)   Then when he was awake we played, went on long walks, went to the park, the mall or out to lunch.   When it was time to fold laundry or clean I put him on the floor wherever I was working and he played happily for the brief time I was otherwise engaged.   We were the Two Musketeers.  

Fast forward to the present.   When Cooper doesn’t fall right to sleep on his naptime, he cries.   And cries, and cries.   I try to juggle playing something meaningful with Kenny and getting through bits and pieces of the housework.   Then if more than 30 minutes has gone by, I go get him up and juggle a whole different set of tasks, namely trying to play  something meaningful with both of them simultaneously.   I usually end up failing on both sides of that one, and end up just playing referee.  

Oh my goodness, I haven’t even mentioned that Cooper has started to pull himself up!   And he’s tall!   He can reach anything on a coffee table or end table.   Today while I was putting the dinner dishes into the dishwasher, in partial sight of him and Kenny playing in the living room, I heard Kenny start to cackle.   “Cooper took his shirt off!   Oooooops…”   I stepped in to see Cooper underneath the Nok Hockey table – a very (thank God!) lightweight plywood contraption that sits on top of the coffee table in our living room.   Apparently Cooper was standing up, holding onto the edge of the hockey game for balance as Kenny, for some inexplicable reason, decided to take off his shirt.     Cooper must have lost his balance mid-strip and pulled the table on top of himself as he fell down.   He was not even crying, but rather laughing and trying to roll himself out from under it.   I was the only one having a heart attack, thank you very much.

One more reason not to do the dishes…


Note: It has come to my attention that many of you are having difficulty commenting on recent posts due to a server error!    Feel free to email me via the “contact” section with your thoughts, and I will post them for you if you wish!   Thanks!

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