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Photo Project

June 4th, 2009

Last year for Kenny’s birthday, we gave him a little kids’ digital camera.   It’s pretty indestructible and the picture quality isn’t great, but it was  a good distraction for Kenny’s obsession with our camera.   He would “borrow” it and we wouldn’t see it for days, uncovering it only to find 447 shots of the underside of his chin.

Today, playing in his room, I saw the camera we’d given him and decided to upload the 300 some-odd pictures he’d taken on it over the past 9 months.   Some were blurred beyond recognition, but some were actually good and several downright arty.  

Just for fun, here is a sample…. I think my boy’s got talent!


A Boy and His Balls

June 1st, 2009

Just like his big brother, Cooper has reached a stage where he has to have a ball in his hand at all times.   Mostly, his ball of choice is a wiffle ball, occasionally a Major League baseball, sometimes a ping pong ball (holy terror choking hazard) and even at times a soccer ball.   If he does not have a ball in his hand at any given moment, he will scour the room (where we have a seeming abundance under chairs and couches and behind bookcases) until he spots one and then begin his diatribe:

“Baa?   Baa!!! BAAA!   BA !   Ba.   Baa!   Baa.   Baa.   BAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”   until you give it to him or he gets to it himself.     He will attempt to throw his entire body weight out of any hands that hold him in the direction of said ball and will flap his arms violently, as if to fly to be reunited with his veritable appendage.

Other “words” emerging from his lips:   “Cacker” (cracker); “Dud-ee!” (Dudley); “Deen?” and “Deenk?” (drink); “Ba” (not to be confused with “ball” – this one refers to a block!); “DA!” and “Da DA!” (Dada); “Mam-mam” (Mamma); “Tee!”  (Kenny)

He is also mastering “peek-a-boo” and loves to play catch – he’ll throw a wiffle ball with surprising aim and force to anyone who will sit across from him, then “catch” it when you roll it back, occasionally stopping to clap and say, “Yay!”     He will chase Kenny just about anywhere, and loves to be tickled.   He will crawl over to Dudley out of the blue – at least once an hour – and give him a hug, saying, “Dud-ee… awwww.”   He is a great napper, and finally sleeping most nights all the way through.   He eats anything you give him, with voracious glee, and loves to drink ice water.   He hates (hates) having his diaper changed and will scream hari-kari and buck his body until you finish, at which time he will smile charmingly and say, “AH!”  


I love you, Cooper!

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