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November 29th, 2009

Yes, yes, I haven’t written in a month again.   Truly, not because of any hangups or anything legitimate… it’s more like I kind-of forgot that I had a blog for a while.   We’ve been wicked-busy (but who isn’t?) and once again I’ve missed several dozen days worth of mini-milestones and funny foibles.

It was Casey that got me over to the computer tonight: “You know, when Kenny’s 15 and Cooper’s 12 they’re going to find this old blog and Kenny’s going to have nearly daily accounts of his first three years, and Cooper’s going to say, ‘Hey – what happened to my childhood??'”   Waa.   Guilt.

So, what’s up, ya’ll?   On our side of the fence:

Cooper finally got his cast off after 6 full weeks.   It took two weeks longer than we’d thought it would, due to the fact that the fracture seemed to be more traumatic than the doctor initally thought.   After four weeks he had a  below-the-knee cast put on, which made life, and his sleep, considerably easier.   He got the cast off last Friday, and is still walking with a bit of a limp, more from atrophied muscles than the injury.   He has another check-up this Friday to make sure that the healing is on the right track.

His vocabulary and speaking skills have exploded.   He now parrots everything I say, whether it’s, “Dinner time!”   (Dinna-tie!”) or “Oops!   I spilled the milk.” (“oo!   ‘Pilled da melk!”) or “Dudley, stop licking!” (Dudee!   Top lickies!”)   His favorite expression by far still  is “Hold ye!”  which he employs with sometimes frantic frequency.   He has come up with a few un-coached simple senteces, too.   I gave him a bite of something recently and he wiggled his nose at me and said plainly, “Don die-kit!”   He will also randomly yell, “Meu-sick!”, pointing to the IPod, and his most-requested songs are “A-wite” (Alright, by Darius Rucker) and “Alla Lindle Lindle!”   (Single Ladies, by Beyonce… go figure that one out)   His dancing is worthy of a Tony, and I really do have to get it on video.

Speaking of video, or pictures for the matter, we haven’t used our camera in two months.   Really bad, considering how quickly our little guy changes!  

Kenny is a ham-hock and a genius, rolled into a hip-hop-dancin’, imagination master and still champion-nose-pickin’ little boy.   He is thriving in preschool, though he misses his gymnastics and swimming lessons (which we put on hold for a bit, due to our new fall schedule).   His favorite time of the day is Cooper’s nap time, which he guards like a piranha.   It is “Mommy – Kenny Time” and cannot be used for any other purpose other than playing “big boy” games.   Well, sometimes he helps me clean the bathrooms, but always with the incentive that the fasted we’re finished, the sooner we can play legos.  

He has also developed a recent passion for talking to his Gramma on the phone for as long as I’ll let him during the day.   These conversations have often lasted as long as an hour, and are filled with an entire imaginary world that they’ve invented.   They have always talked on the phone, but it used to be for 5 or 10 minutes at a stretch.   Now, it’s a whole different world for him.   During these conversations, he will dash from room to room around the house, pretending to fly on airplanes or rocket ships, go to the grocery store, and fill up at the gas station.   He will also sit perfectly still and quiet, pretending to watch a movie on the plate glass window, occasionally stopping to shush one of his imaginary friends if they get to loud in the theater.   It is fascinating to observe.   And somehow, I know that it’s best to remain an outsider in this one.

Casey and I are riding on cloud 9… we bought a house!!   It’s in the historic district of the town we live near and it’s right in the center of town.   Perfectly renovated, parking for both cars (a rarity!) and just a gorgeous little spot.   A dream come true!     We only have to make it through the home inspections this week and then we will prepare to close on January 4th.     YaHOO!   I would post a picture (it’s so cute!!) but I think that’s dangerous, because who knows what shady internet stalkers might show up at our door, right?   Suffice to say, we are thrilled!!

Oh, yeah, and I’m pregnant, but you all alreayd knew that one.   I hit 16 weeks on Tuesday and so far, uneventful has been the glorious norm.   I was terribly nauseous for those first 12 weeks, worse in the evenings, and so tired that I could barely listen to my kids, much less play with them.   Actually, my hormones have been off the charts still.   I have wept, screamed and laughed all within 90 second intervals several times a day.   It must be a girl.     ha ha.

And did I mention that I’m directing the choir at our church for the Christmas season?   This has become an undertaking far beyond what I expected.   Far more rewarding, too.   But it takes a lot of time and brain-power, both of which I’m short on these days.   Some nights when Cooper wakes up at 3am for no reason, I find myself humming a very random tenor part to a gospel song to try and get him back to sleep.   No wonder the kid is dabbling in  insomnia!

And speaking of insomnia, I’ve gotten up three times during the post to go calm the little bugger to sleep.   He’s got a cold and two molars coming in and while falling asleep is easy, staying that way has become nearly impossible.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but perhaps I can remember to write more now that I’ve been guilted into remembering that I have a blog?



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