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A Little Homesick…

February 19th, 2008

Today made a week since we left home for sunny skies and warm afternoons.   My in-laws (at whose home we are staying) arrived on Sunday evening and we are having lots of fun.   Funny, though, in spite of his adoration of his  grandparents, Kenny got bitten by the homesick bug today big time.

Casey left for work and my in-laws left to do a couple of hours worth of  errands, and Kenny and Dudley and I  were left to a quiet house and a gorgeous day outside.   But something was giving my little guy the blues.   First, he  wanted to get back  into bed after breakfast and read books.   I happily obliged, as I’m so tired these days with my expanding belly.   But then I realized that he really didn’t want to get out.   I asked him if he wanted to go out side and play, and he said, “I want to go home to my house.”  

I didn’t think too much of it until an hour later when he said  it again and started to cry.   I asked him if he missed his room, and he sniffed and said, “I want to go home right now.   I want to drive back home.”   We talked a little about how we were just going to be here for a couple of weeks while Daddy did some work, and how nice it was that we could go to the beach and be warm outside and on and on.   But he didn’t really cheer at all.   It’s funny, because it’s not like he has a ton of toys at home, or a really special room or anything like that.   Maybe it’s the familiarity of his own bed and room that he misses?   Maybe he misses our daily rhythms at home?   We brought his favorite books and toys and stuffed animals.   We brought Dudley.   We’re here.   What can it be?

Later, we took Dudley on a pre-lunch walk.   After a while he said again,  “I want to go home.”   I thought he meant back to the house, and said, “We’ll be there in just a second!”   “I want to be home in our house in Maryland.   I don’t want to go to Papa  and Gramma’s house.   I want my house.”   Then he started crying a little again.

I  can’t tell you what an ache it’s caused in  my heart.   To me and Casey,  this is a dream opportunity – to escape the bitter cold for a few weeks and live in the sunshine state.   But I guess  for the little guy, there’s  just no place like home.  


  1. jenn says

    Experts say at about three, boys in particular, have a hard time with any change. Change even in where the couch is placed can throw off a little ones world. Change is hard to understand at that age.

    February 21st, 2008 | #

  2. Lisa Williams says

    We have a great article about traveling preparation with little ones. My niece actually announced in a car trip to visit family that she wanted “no more babies!” Out of the mouths of babes;)

    April 10th, 2008 | #

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