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A Little More Drama

October 13th, 2009

We ended up taking Cooper back to the orthopedic doctor today.   He’s had no appetite, been cranky and moody and this morning he just collapsed into sobs every time he tried to walk or crawl.   They ended up taking off the cast and re-doing it.   The first one went right up to where his diaper hits, and it was so sung that his little adorable fat rolls were trapped and spilling over.   The new one has a little more room at the top and only goes to his mid-thigh.   So far, he seems much more comfortable.

My heart aches for him, though.   Here he is, this enthusiastic little chap who was just starting to run and had just learned to (kind-of hit) a baseball off a T, and now he’s confined to sitting and crawling again.   And I imagine that it must hurt.   And itch.   And it’s heavy.   And scratchy.

Tonight at dinnertime, he just dissolved.   He started crying and then screaming so hard it was all I could do to hold him.   I rocked him, wailing, for a half hour and then just put him in bed, still sobbing.   It’s been a long few days for my sweet bruiser.     One minute he’s his fine, happy self, and the next he is miserable.

Fortunately, my parents came over for a while this afternoon and gave Kenny some much-needed attention.   My Mom ran in the backyard with him for hours and my Dad pushed him on the swing and played games and made him giggle.   And tonight, after Cooper finally fell asleep, Kenny and I sat in the big chair in the living room and read books for a solid hour.   I was too nauseous to cook dinner, so Casey came home with take-out from a nice Italian restaurant, and the three of us sat and had a happy family meal.   I felt so guilty for enjoying that time – here our injured Cooper had cried himself to sleep an hour before, and were were laughing and eating homemade meatballs.

I need to find ways to be extra attentive to Cooper (which for him for now will involve lots of quiet games in the floor) and not completely neglect and frustrate Kenny, who is 100% energy and action.   Easier said than done when I’ve got morning sickness that seems to last all day and I’m so tired that any flat surface looks just as inviting as a feather bed.   This too shall pass, right?

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  1. How much fun can it be says

    Looks as if help could be used, reinforcements are a call away! Look forward to seeing the new limb on the tree. 🙂

    October 14th, 2009 | #

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