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A Pound of Flesh

April 23rd, 2010

Ok, not quite a pound… I spent  nine hours today  sitting in a hospital waiting room where Casey faced the day with a gallbladder removal.   The surgery was a success and relatively uneventful, save for a little extra nausea on his part post-op.   Whew.   It’s like deja vu from April 2007 when I had my own gallbladderout.   Except that this time  I was  the one twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the pager to go off and someone to tell me that my sweetie is ok.

I will be back at the hospital again at exactly the same time three weeks from today for my c-section.   How’s that for funny?   Everyone I’ve run into here this morning has asked me, “So, are you having this baby today?” and let me tell you how silly I feel saying, “not quite yet!” knowing that I still have three whole weeks to go.   I’m short and small-boned, so yes, I look like I swallowed an enormous  beach ball.   And I also look like I should definitely be giving birth any minute… Not to mention that for some reason the ol’ Braxton Hicks Bombers started at 8 am and haven’t stopped all day.   If they weren’t so darn irregular, I’d entertain the idea of an early birth.   But I don’t think today is my lucky day…

My parents had the boys for the morning, and it was like Disney Land for them… a two-hour jaunt to the city playground, slices from the local pizzeria at the docks for lunch and non-stop playtime into the afternoon.   For some reason, though, a mere two hours after my parents left, they both turned into supreme Grumpy Pants.   It was probably just me… I’ve been up since 4:30 after all and I’m not nearly as fun as Grammie and Grampy, apparently.   Not to mention that I’ve been trying to keep the noise down for Casey (which totally backfired, of course) and keep tabs on him, as he’s still pretty groggy.

On the slate tomorrow: Find the cord that will let me download the  trizillion pictures I’ve taken on my iPhone onto this computer so that I can post some here and get some printed out!     And Kenny has his 2nd T-Ball game at 9 in the morning.     Casey will still be in bed, but we will carry on.   Kenny is a little nervous, as Coach Daddy will not be there, but he’s excited nonetheless.   If still a little confused of what he’s supposed to be  doing at first base, when their are no outs in Junior T-Ball.


  1. Kimmie says

    Get ’em Kenny! You will be great!! Glad Casey is doing okay!!

    April 24th, 2010 | #

  2. Sarah says

    From hospital to early morning T-Ball.
    Oh those morning drills!

    April 26th, 2010 | #

  3. hope smith says

    Man, I know what that is like!!
    i had my gall bladder out and kidney stones at the same time. not fun!!
    Glad he is doing better.

    April 27th, 2010 | #

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