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“AaaaLooo?” … and other phenomenons…

January 28th, 2007

Yesterday, Kenny picked up one of the phones, something he does often, but rather than playing with the buttons or mutely holding it to his ear, got a concentrated look and shouted, “AaaaLoo?   Aaaalooo??”   I snorted out a laugh ~ mon dieu! he sounded too French!   Then he handed the phone to me, as if I could make some sense out of the silent device.   I played along, then handed the phone back to which he responded with another enthusiastic, “AAAALOOOOOO?”

As for all the amazement I’ve received over his apparent early potty-training interest, it was a passing fancy.   We actually just put toilet locks on all the toilets to keep him from throwing things in there, and he has quickly lost interest.   I’m actually relieved.   I’ve heard too many horror stories of parents who started potty training too young, and it ended up taking years instead of weeks to accomplish the feat.   I will, of course, react when and if he asks to go on the toilet again, but I want to wait a bit before really giving it a go.   Any advice out there as to when a good age is to start?   I know it depends on the kid, but I seem to hear that two is a popular age to get going at it.   Any thoughts from those of you who have succeeded??

I am amazed at the way he is suddenly putting words together in simple sentences.   What used to be, “Waaffle!” is now, “Waffle-a-dip!” (waffle and “dip” – syrup).   “Hep?” (meaning, “help”) has become, “Mama hep!   Dudley!” which means that he wants to “help” walk Dudley when we go on our walk.   He is stringing the words together more and more everyday.   I’m especially happy about the addition  of “Peas!” (please) to most of his requests.   Like during dinner tonight when he was presented with a plate of rice, broccoli and tofu… he devored the broccoli, then the tofu, but refused the rice, which is usually a favorite.   Instead he looked up at me and asked, “Waffle-a-dip!   … Peas?   Peas?”   I gave in, only because he really did already eat the important stuff on his plate, and because he asked so sweetly.

I’m a sucker for a guy with that much charm.

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