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About Me


This blog / website  was a 32nd birthday gift from my husband, Casey ~ I told him that I needed something to occupy my brain, now that I’m a stay-at-home wife & mom, and I think he took me quite literally ~ this is far beyond what I expected.

So here’s a little about me – I am wife to the dashing and witty (and adorable) Casey, mommy to the human  3-three-ring circus, Kenny, Cooper and Charlie, and  distracted pack leader to our nearly 10-year-old wild and wiley weimaraner, Dudley.

In the between-times, I  can be found in my “office” (our kitchen)  recharging and recreating, running , cycling and swimming (not as easy as it sounds with jogging strollers, double bike trailers and/or 3 kids on the edge of the pool giving me updates on each other’s behavior every time I get to the end of a lap).  We live in a 120-year-old house on a main street in a little historic city in Maryland.




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