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Alligators, Herons and Cranes… Oh My!

February 15th, 2008

Down in Florida we are staying at Casey’s parent’s house.   It is in a golf course neighborhood and boasts dozens of lakes and a huge array of wildlife.   Today on our walk, we saw a blue heron – a perfect twin of the one that inhabits our dock in the summer, two sand cranes that were taller than I am (and they were close enough to be sure of that!) who were meandering across the road at a turtle’s pace, and one enormous, I kid you not, alligator not more than 20 feet from us, sunning himself on the lakeside.   He was at least seven feet long, and the looks of him sent chills down my spine.   Fortunately, he blended into the grass well enough that Dudley was too distracted by the ducks and snowy egrets to notice him.   Kenny was a little confused, as he looked a little like a big ugly log with legs.

I took pictures with my phone, but none turned out too well.   Looks like tomorrow I’m going to have to take the camera with us on our walk.   And stop making fun of all the senior citizens with the bird-watching hats and binoculars…

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