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Another Reason to Use Pencil

May 10th, 2008

It turns out that all the c-section slots are full for the entire week of my actual due date, so I am now on the waiting list for that week, and scheduled for the following week… one thing I wasn’t counting on was having this baby late!   My OB thinks there is a very good chance that a spot will open up, but it gives me the willies, all the same.    Or maybe it’s because my appetite has kicked into turbo gear, and I am starting to waddle that the thought of going even a mere day past my due date sounds bonkers.

It’s funny, too, that scheduling a c-section is a little like scheduling a dentist appointment.   You know, you call in and the receptionist says, “Oh, the doc is all booked that week… how does that week of the 7th look for you?   Are mornings or afternoon best?”

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