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January 17th, 2007

… or as close to it as being a mommy to a wild and wonderfully spastic 16-month-old can be.   My own sweet Mommy came over today to play with Kenny for a few hours so that I could go through a tower of three-week-old mail, pay bills and clean this horrifically dirty house (Kenny actually stopped playing twice this morning to run to me with icky dust and dirt on his hands to “Waaa!   Waaa! (wash)”… at least the renovation – the culprit for the grime – is OVER!) in preparation for our departure and the arrival of our housesitter.  

All went smoothly until he heard me turn on the vacuum.   Then he turned into something resembling a cartoon character in unabashed glee.   He raced to the top of the stairs, pushed his cherub face into the baby gate bars and started yelling, “VAAAAAACUUUUUUU!   HEP!   HEP!”   Because he has this bizare facination with holding onto the vacuum when it’s on and pretending to “help” me suck up the dust bunnies and construction sawdust.   Which all you mommies out there know means 10 minutes of productive vacuuming turns into 20 minutes of really getting that one tiny spot on the floor super-clean and nothing else.   My Mom tried luring him away with books, toys, a ride on the rocking horse, a snack, a peek-a-boo and a tickle-fest.   But he howled, “Mama!   VAAAAAACCCUUUUUUU!” until she brought him down and let him touch the mysterious and facinating machine.   And then he wouldn’t let go.

At least I got through the bills to be paid.


PS – I’m still having technical difficulties with getting pictures to post… hang in there!

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