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Belated “Out of Office Reply”

August 13th, 2007

We decided at the spur of the moment on Wednesday to fly the coup and get out of town for a few days.   Actually, we had been planning on going to the beach for a week following Casey’s surgery for his recovery, but when the surgery was rescheduled, then cancelled, we cancelled our trip.   Then we realized that more than anything, we needed a family get-away, and get-away we did!

With some last minute help (friends of my parent’s “donated” their fabulous beach house, and my wonder-woman friend, Kimberly, agreed to house-sit and watch Dudley), we headed off to the Jersey shore for sun, sand and lots of ice cream.   Not only did we not take our laptops, but we didn’t remember the camera!   So I have no proof of the shenanigans that ensued, but safe to say that the five days were wonderful!

We celebrated Casey’s birthday on Sunday with lots of presents and a big cake, and built sand castles and forts on the beach, went for long runs and walks, and ate way more than our share of south-Jersey cuisine.   I consumed so much garlic, I should be mosquito-free for at least a week.     And I actually saw a seven-year-old boy wearing a “I love hot Moms” t-shirt, accompanied by a dad in a shirt that read, “I’m old school.”

It’s funny how beach vacations change when there is a small boy in tow.   Case in point:  in place  of surrepitiously comparing six-packs, Casey and other dads on the beach eyed each other’s jogging strollers; instead of angling myself on the surf for best-tanning-coverage  in the least-fat-visible contortions, I found myself unceremoniously squatting by sand castles, covered in sand, to help Kenny with his creations; and rather than margaritas in the sunset, we opted for ice cream cones at dusk.

Best of all, though, we were able to connect as a little family; we limited cell-phone calls and such, and concentrated on enjoying each other.   After all we’ve been through, we just needed to hide away, and that little respite did wonders for my spirit.

Now that we are back at home, I am recommitting myself to posting.   I have been lax over these past six or so weeks, and I must renew my vigor, if only for the mental calisthenics it gives me.


  1. Crisanne says

    Glad you had some recoup time together! It’s funny how life changes so quickly that you hardly notice it and then suddenly you look around and everything is different.

    August 13th, 2007 | #

  2. akinvt says

    We headed to the beach this weekend too! The salty air and sand does wonders for the spirit. And I completely agree with you on the fact that vacations are now so different with a little one in tow. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

    August 14th, 2007 | #

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