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Boz, and other obsessions

November 25th, 2007

We don’t let Kenny watch TV very often.   In fact, it’s safe to say that he watches Sesame Street no more than one day a week, and no more than three times a week, I let him watch one 15 minute episode (sometimes 2) of “Boz” –  a great cartoon for kids that’s endorsed by MOPS International.

It never fails, though, three or four times a day, he’ll look up with a hopeful and charming smile and say, “You wanna watch some Boz?” or “I can watch ONE Boz?”   He responds pretty well to a “no” though he is appropriately bummed.

The music CDs on the other hand, are getting out of control.   For over a year, the only CD he ever wanted to listen to was Rodney Atkins’ “If Your Goin’ Through Hell” (an odd choice for a happy one-year-old, though his favorite track is “These are My People”).   But now, in the car, it’s Veggie Tales’  Sunday Morning Songs  (which he calls “Larry Cucumber CD”), Veggie Tales  Worship Songs (which he  calls “Kids singing Larry Cucumber”)  Sesame Street’s Greatest Hits (which he calls “Funny Guys Singing”) and Boz – The Collection (which he just calls, “Boz”); at home it’s any one of an assortment of kid’s music, which is varied enough to keep me sane.   He wants music on all day.  

But in the car, it’s becoming a battle ground.   He will start off assuming: “Boz on right now.”   Then polite: “You wanna listen to Boz Songs?” Then frantic, “I WANNA LISTEN TO BOZ!” all within the time frame it takes me to buckle him into the car.   If I say no, he goes through the list of all the other ones that he knows are in the CD changer.   If I *gasp* say, “NO, Honey, Mommy wants to listen to the radio,” there is hysteric cries and screams until I 1) Give in or 2) Roll down all the windows and drive fast, hoping the chilly air will distract his wails.   I’m kidding about #2, though its crossed my mind  on occasion.  

If I leave  “my” radio on, he’ll usually quiet down to sniffles after five minutes or so, only to pipe up again with the same round of questions everytime the DJ talks, or a commercial comes on.   By that point, any enjoyment I may have gotten out of a little dose of NPR or country radio is shot, so I sigh and turn on the Kenny Collection.

Any advice for how to reclaim my car stereo??   This is honestly the only real thing we battle over.   He’s a really reasonable kid about everything else.   What can I do?   We are in the car A LOT.   We live 30 minutes from everything (45 from my chiropractor, whom I see every week), and I feel like we’re in the car an hour or more a day.   When his music is on, he’s happy, sings along, or listens quietly.   90% of the time, I give in, but there’s got to be a reasonable way to compromise.   Can you reasonably compromise with a two-year-old???


  1. Crisanne says

    Kids understand taking turns before actual sharing, so that’s where I’d begin. Get a digital watch with a timer. Select an appropriate amount of time for each turn. When the watch beeps, switch turns. You can wait until the end of the song if you like. Mostly: set up the rules and stick to them. If the crying continues, you can up the ante by saying your time will not start until he’s quiet so you can actually hear the music.

    That’s what I got. I’m interested to see other ideas.

    November 25th, 2007 | #

  2. kristjana says

    Crisanne, I tried your suggestion (minus the timer) and it actually worked!! On our long drive today, we each got two songs, then we switched. He caught on right away, and even thought it was fun! Thanks!

    November 26th, 2007 | #

  3. Joy says

    I totally hear you!!! We drove this past weekend for 2 hours one way and our 23 month old had to have her music on the entire 2 hours!!! I told my husband it’s bad when I know which song comes next on a CD of 50!!! We turn on the back speakers and turn it down a little so we can talk and Sarah gets her music. Until we hear, “Mommy, Daddy, no talkin’, Sarah singin”.

    November 26th, 2007 | #

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