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December 30th, 2008

“The boys” and I decided to come visit my parents for a few days… funny because they only live 45 minutes away!   But we never get to spend much time with them.. it seems that all our visits are for a single afternoon, or for dinner, whereas we see Casey’s parents for entire weeks at a time.   So here we are.   And browsing on their computer, I found some funny photos of us from Christmas day:


Casey, Cooper, Dudley and I fell sound asleep on the couch after several plates of food and as many glasses of wine…   This amid Kenny and his cousins running wild with Kenny’s new remote control car just feet away from where we are sleeping!   The fact that I am actually asleep with Casey’s foot so close to my nose is the real miracle…


In my mom’s determination to get only the grandkids in the picture, she made me squat behind the dining room chair and hold Cooper aloft, giving him the very image of a boy in flight…

Ah, the wonders of digital photography…

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