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Even the Happiest Kid Can Get the Blues

December 20th, 2006

I think Kenny cried more than he didn’t today.   All morning, he kept signing “hurt,” yet shook his head when I pointed to his tummy, his throat (which has got to be raw after all the coughing he’s doing), his nose, etc.   Finally, he tugged at my sleeve and pointed to his teeth, saying, “Menine?”   Boy – I haven’t seen that in a while.   That’s his request for Orajel, which means that another tooth is coming in.   We’ve had almost three full months with no new teeth (since two molars came in around his first birthday), but it turns out there’s a big nasty one coming in up top.

A cold, a cough and a new tooth.   How did we get so lucky?

I pulled all the stops, trying to alternately sooth and cheer him up, but even the scarcely offered chocolate chip cookie was spurned.   Kenny is honestly the happiest kid I’ve ever seen, no naps and all, so it’s tough to get used to a day when he’s a bona fide crank.   By this afternoon, I finally locked us both safely into his room, poured out all his blocks into the floor, and ignored him for twenty minutes while I read a magazine.   It actually worked, and he played contentedly by himself until dinner time.   He still wouldn’t eat much, but he went to bed without a fuss.

On a more fun note, Kenny got his second haircut today!   We were starting to go mad from the construction noise and the cabin fever-inducing weather, so I figured that a jolly trip to the mall and Cartoon Cuts would save the day.   I have to say, Cartoon Cuts is the greatest invention… he sat in my lap, watched a cartoon about that Thomas Train guy (we have a book about him from my Mother in Law, and a toy train that sings “choo, choo!” but we’ve never actually seen the show, so Kenny was pretty amazed), and let a stranger cut his hair.   He looks so adorable!!  

I’d post a picture, but I wasn’t able to get one of him today that didn’t either have a lava-flow of snot coming from his sweet, tiny nostrils, or one without him crying and sucking on his fingers, or one without him trying to help the construction guys drill holes in the wall in the three seconds my back was turned to pick up the camera…  

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