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August 19th, 2008

We have had a maddening  week and a half  of computer viruses ravaging both our home computer and my laptop.   And I return to MommyBlog, wondering if I have any readers left!!   I think this was my longest stretch of no posts.   Woe!   Please forgive, those faithful ones who are still checking in!

Over the past weekend we had a chance to not only have my mom’s side of the family to Maryland to visit, but we made our first big car trip with Cooper and drove to New York to visit his family as well!   A six-week-old and the New Jersey Turnpike are not a good combination, by the way.     Throw an almost three-year-old into the mix and a hormonal lactating woman, and we’re lucky we didn’t turn around before we hit the Island.   At least that would have saved us the torture of the Long Island Expressway.

Ah, but made it there and back we did!   And I don’t think there will be too much permanant scarring… ha ha…

First, Casey’s brothers, Dad, and the three grand-boys…


And my mom’s side of the family: her parents, brother and sister, and me, Kenny and Cooper:


I was fun, most especially for Kenny, who had endless playtime and attention.   Cooper did great, too (car ride aside) and is a very agreeable baby as far as being held by people he doesn’t really know goes.

This coming week we are venturing once again through New Jersey to hit the shore for one last summer fling.   If only I could find a way to nurse in the car…

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