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Gabbledy Gabbelty, (or “Dinkle Dinkle”)

October 17th, 2006

The title of this post is merely a record of Kenny’s favorite words.   I have no earthly idea what “Gabbledy Gabbelty” means, but he’s been saying it a lot.   “Dinkle Dinkle” is the sound he makes typically to accompany the sign for “milk” but now does any time he’s hungry or thirsty, leaving me to interpret the correct translation.

Really, though, his vocabulary is growing remarkably, though I may still be the only person who really knows what he’s saying.   And his personality is growing at an even faster rate.   He is a certifiable flirt; a comic, a miniature politician, and a clown all rolled into one.   He runs like a marathoner with the finish line in sight, like a linebacker ready to break through the offensive line.   He sings like a karaoke king.   He laughs like a champion in a tickle contest.   And he kisses and snuggles like no one else I know.

But it’s his non-stop talk that grabs my attention and intrigues and perplexes me.   I understand a lot of it… “apple,” “cracker,” “Ba!” (his stuffed sheep), “Dougey!” (Dudley), “Dougey, Dop!” (Dudley, Drop!), “Da DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” (Daddy’s home!), “Nack?” (snack), “Teddy,” “ba ba?” (bathtime), “Bay BA!” (baseball), “mmmmmmmm   ma?” (Mommy, can you turn on the music, please?).   But the rest is a mystery.   He will talk for thirty minutes in the car to his sippy cup (we live in the boondocks, so we drive thirty minutes everywhere.)   He will walk over to Dudley and passionately give an entire, unintelligible address.   He wil scold me with his nose scrunched up and finger pointed and I know that he really means what he’s saying, but how on earth am I supposed to know what it means??   He is facinating, this boy of mine.

october 13-17 011.jpg

I only hope I am as facinating to him as he is to me.

And I would be remiss not to report that Kenny is just about weaned.   The last two days he has gotten by with two very small feedings (morning and bedtime) and a very half-hearted midnight snack.   I can tell that I definitely have much less milk to give as well.   My goal was to have it all done with by the first of November, and it looks like we’re right on track.   As much as I will be glad to say goodbye to my role as the Dairy Queen, I will be sad to see it go.   I guess this is a foretaste of all that motherhood holds in the future.   Ah, how  bittersweet it is to watch these precious ones grow!


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