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Get Out of Jail Free Card Day

June 14th, 2007

All of my anxiety over Kenny’s allergy test today was for naught; during the interview and exam portion of the test, the doctor determined that a full-blown skin prick test was unnecessary.   Whew.   It turns out that mosquito venom is nearly impossible to test for, as is spider venom, and to test him would be inconclusive, not to mention that if it was conclusive, there would be nothing for them to do for Kenny anyway, other than the precautions we’ve already taken.   I am so relieved.   Kenny has no idea what he missed.   Thank God.

Kenny himself is becoming more and more a little character everyday.     He is more proficiant by the day at communication, and asks questions and generates responses to things as we play and spend our day together.   It’s really quite fun to be with him and witness his revelations and confusions.  

We are having our back deck replaced, and today was the third day that a team of guys were inches away from our living room; the whole back of the house is sliding glass doors and windows, and the deck spans the house, so they are literally an arms length away.   Kenny is facinated, and stops his play often to press his tiny face against the window and shout, “Hi guys!”   and affirm, “Guys wor-keen hard!”   They are pretty good natured about it, and will nod and smile or even wave at him as he pounds his forehead to the glass and imitates the “shriek!” made by their power drills.     Every once in a while, he’ll look up at me with a perplexed frown and say something like, “Wat’s dat?” or “Wat dey doin’?” and I’ll point at the tools and explain how they are leveling the frame, or whatever they are doing.   He will nod, as if he completely agrees with their decision, and return to playing with his  Thomas  train set and table  just passed down from his cousins that has now taken over the living room.   Sometimes he’ll even look up at the workmen and wave one of his trains and say, “Guys play too?”   He still can’t grasp that we can’t invite them in to play Choo Choo.   But he does settle for taking them drinks at the end of the work day.   Today, he proudly carried a very cold Coke can all the way to one of the guys and reverently set it at his feet.   The guy must be a dad, because he intimated Kenny’s solomn gift and bowed to him before picking it up.   Kenny beamed and ran full speed back to me and yelled, “Inside!   Bathtime!   NAKED TIME!”   The guys cracked up.

That’s my boy.


  1. Milaka says

    Whew! So glad you dodged that bullet! And I loved hearing about how Kenny wants to play with the workers! Buddy (at age 4) still does that. A few weeks ago a guy came to fix our wireless network and Buddy just orbited him!

    June 15th, 2007 | #

  2. LeAnne says

    I’m glad he didn’t have to go through prick tests! That is so cute about him watching the workers and talking to them, etc. Right now, my son just gives me the one words. He hasn’t learned to string them together yet. But I know it’s soon on its way!! That aught to be a hoot!!

    June 15th, 2007 | #

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