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Gotta Dance

October 29th, 2006

I need to find the charger for our video camera so that I can film Kenny as he comes down the stairs every morning, so I can post  it on this blog.   He  toddles straight to the stereo, bangs it with his innocent exuberance (because we all know that banging  on the stereo  is the best way to make it come on), yells, “MA!” (which means either, “Music please, Mommy” or “Hey Lady – Gimme my Rodney!”) and then, once Magic Mommy makes the music start, turns to face the wall (where he can watch his shadow) and does these slow, deep knee bends to the beat of music.   Then, about thirty seconds into the song, he turns around, smile so wide it covers his whole face, and continues this “dance” as if inviting me to join in.   If Casey is at home, he will reach for him and wait to be picked up, where Casey never fails to hold him up high and bounce him to the beat.

This has been going on every morning since we vacationed in the Outer Banks during the last week in September.   That’s five weeks, my friends.   Mr. Atkins must owe me royalties at this point.   Or at least ear plugs.   He can’t even have listened to his CD as much as we have.

But what’s a girl to do?   It’s one of the favorite parts of my sweet little boy’s day!   I’ve tried substituting plain old country radio, other cds, even Sesame Street, but all  I get is a hurt frown.   He loves other music in the car, or upstairs, or in other people’s homes.   But in our living room, it’s got to be Rodney Atkins, and nothing else.   Seriously, could you say no to this face?


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