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Hide and Go Seek

February 23rd, 2007

Kenny’s new favorite game is “hide and seek.”   Unfortunately, his favorite person to play it with is Dudley, who is not always aware of the event.

Today poor Kenny sat under a blanket for at least ten minutes (while I sat close by, painfully observing), waiting for Dudley to “seek” him…   Guess what didn’t happen.   But Kenny was not to be deterred.   He emerged, not discouraged, but inspired, and instead walked over to where Dudley was sitting and put the blanket over Dudley’s head, declaring, “Dudley! HIDE!   Dudley hiding!”   and ran in circles around our faithful pup until he “found” Dudley by whipping the blanket off his head and yelling, “DUDLEY!   Ders Dudley!”

Ah, to have that sweet young imagination.

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