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Home Again

October 4th, 2009

As the sun rose this morning, Kenny was joyous to discover Baa in bed with him (yeah, Daddy!) and asked Casey to recount The Story over and over again of how his poor lost lamb was found.   By the fifth telling of it, Casey was doing a belly crawl through the wild North Carolina brush, only to grasp the bleating foundling and somersault out of the woods with him, where he was safely strapped into a car seat and shuttled home.   Kenny loved it.

This morning we rolled out of bed, and prepared for one last beach walk before making the drive home.   Except that Cooper was doing one of his very rare sleeps past 6 AM.   And then 6:30.   And 7.   And 7:30… and then we were all making noise and packing the car and going in and out of his room and still he slept, lightly snoring,  tushie sticking straight up in the air.   Just as the clock hit 8, our little VanWinkle rolled over and smiled, blanket pattern tattooed across his cheek.   Oh Little One, who couldn’t you have done that at least one of the other six mornings of vacation, and let us enjoy the slumber as well???

Our drive started well… a quick stop for fresh, hot, homemade donuts as we left town ensured a happy drive, or at least a chocolate covered one.   Ah, but we hit the wrong road on the wrong day, it seems, and only an hour into the drive we hit a wall of traffic.   It ended up taking us well over 7 hours to get home (normally a 5 hour drive).   We survived, and now I see a monster pile of suitcases and duffel bags before me.  

And sand.   Lots of sand.   But it’s good to be home, and as soon as I can find the usb cord, I’ll post some pictures of my sweeties.

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