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Hometown Vacation

August 14th, 2006

This weekend we decided to take a little trip to celebrate Casey’s birthday.   Not wanting to subject poor Kenny to any more long plane rides, we found a nice hotel in town 17 miles from our house.   (Hey – someone else made the bed – that’s vacation enough for me!)

We stayed at the downtown Loews hotel – a fantastic chain, as they welcome both babies and dogs with care packages and special  treats.   And what can possibly be cooler than walking into a really nice hotel lobby with your dog?

Dudley is a striking fellow; unbelievably well-behaved out in public.   Nearly everyone we pass comments on him:  

Local Man: “What kind of dog is that?”  

Me: “A Weimaraner.”  

LM: “A whitey-what?”  

Me: “A Weimaraner.”  

LM: “Wine Runner?”  

Me: “He’s an Indonesian Monkey Dog.”  

LM: “Oh, I thought so!   I saw those on that dog show on Animal Planet…”

Taking our mini trip allowed Casey and I to go out on the town late and allowed Casey’s parents to be the ultimate servants by indulging us in a much-needed date night.   My mother-in-law stayed with Kenny in the dark and quiet hotel room while he slept, with nothing but a muted TV to keep her company.   My father-in-law took Dudley back to our house so that we could actually sleep in without Dudley’s signature “wake up call” of needing to wiz within 30 seconds of hearing either of us flutter our eye lids.

Casey and I hit the local bar scene; something we haven’t done since we were dating.   I don’t have to tell you mommies out there what a joy a night out late with your husband can be.   We laughed, we talked, we walked around holding hands, we mooned over million dollar boats (but  don’t worry: we didn’t moon any of them).   We tried really hard to break the midnight barrier, but I think we were back at the hotel by 11:30.   It didn’t matter.   Kenny was sound asleep, a big fluffy hotel bed awaited us, and the three of us actually slept until 7:45 – our family record.

That morning we strolled through town to a bakery for fresh-baked muffins and coffee, and sat again by the boats and enjoyed the clear sunshine and bay breeze.   Sometimes a night across town is all you need to refresh the soul!

This weekend of celebrating Casey’s birthday both as a little nuclear family and as a big, extended family (with a cookout at our house on Sunday) reminded me of how deeply in love I am with Casey and how blissfully infatuated I am with our little boy.   There is truly nowhere on earth I’d rather be than wherever they are.   As long as we’re together, come what may, I will count this life a blessed success.

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