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House Arrest

November 29th, 2006

The construction continued today at our little abode… the difference was that we had to stay here and experience it all.   You see, yesterday, the foreman found a whole mess of termites.   Today, Terminix spent two hours scouring our house for the little buggers, and planning their course of action.   The inspector, a sixty-ish, way too chatty salesman, wanted me to follow him around and “be in the loop.”   Yeah, that was fun with three other guys jackhammering the cement slab in the guest room, Kenny squirming to be free  in my arms and Dudley wrapped around my waist on the leash.   The doors to outside were wide open, the heat was off, and the dust was billowing.   At one point, I put Kenny in the highchair, in his winter coat and hood,  so that I could sign the necessary papers for extermination, and he looked at me with those huge, liquid eyes as if to say, “Mommy, this stinks.   Can’t we go someplace warm and quiet and safe?   Don’t you love me?”

Ah, but the day got a whole lot better at 5:30…   we actually found a babysitter for the evening, and took off to Roy’s for drinks and appetizers (and a sinfully sensual chocolate lava cake).   This is only the fourth time in the last 14 months that someone other than a relative has taken care of Kenny so that we could go out.  

Thank goodness, because it looks like another noisy day of house arrest tomorrow, as there is another “service-type guy” coming between 8 and 12 (how’s that for a window?), and we need to be here to meet him, in spite of the fact that there as 3 other construction worker-types here tearing apart our house.   I wonder when they are going to start putting it together again?   What are Kenny and Dudley and I going to do here all day?

Note to self: When this is done, No More Renovations.   Ever.

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  1. Alicia says

    Bless your hearts! It sounds like your two boys have been real troopers. Please post pictures when the product is finished!

    November 30th, 2006 | #

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