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How Many Hours in a Day?

December 16th, 2009

Yesterday we hit the 7th day since Dudley began treatment for his sarcoptic mange.   (Just typing that gives me the heebie jeebies.)   So I officially lifted the “vacuum the entire house every day and wash every article of clothing in hot water as soon as it’s been worn”  command that we’ve been living through.   I also let Dudley come upstairs for the first time in a week last night, and oh my, was he a happy dog.   He’s still being a hyena, but what can you expect when you put a high-energy dog on two weeks of prednisone??

In spite of my release from vacuum-prison, this week has been wickedly busy, as we expected it would be.     Not only is there Christmas shopping to finish, wrapping to do and parties popping up, but we’re begining to start thinking about preparing for this move (which happens in a mere 3 weeks!).     I look in my closets and think of the kind friends who have offered to help us shuttle boxes, and I wonder, oh how am I even going to get all this stuff into boxes and then find it again?   So I happily slip back into denial and pretend that I really don’t need to get started yet.

I am also directing our church Christmas choir… something that’s been cookin’ since August.   We picked some very challenging songs and our performance day is this Sunday.   A choir is not something our church regularly has, and this has been a wonderful experience.   We managed to pull together 40 people and at our last “official” rehearsal on Monday, they were sounding quite fantastic!   I got a little teary-eyed looking out at all of them singing with such concentration and joy.   We have a rehearsal with our church’s band tomorrow night, then a dress rehearsal on Sunday, and then our big Christmas service is upon us.   Casey has been a part of the choir with me, and it’s been so much fun to do together.   Even though it’s meant that every Monday night our kids are up until 10!   Kenny is already sad, though, that choir is ending, as he made some sweet little friends in choir child-care.   Cooper is probably infinitely grateful to see it end, though he lacks the understanding of the future tense to absorb it, and the vocabulary to express it.

It will be my first opportunity to conduct in quite a while (the last being when I was in college, 13 years ago!!), so I am a little nervous.   Flapping your arms around wears you out, let me tell you.   And then there is the fear that I’m going to mess up, but frankly, most of them are pretty glued to their music, so they may or may not notice.   ha ha… I’m just kidding.

I am tired, though.   I feel like suddenly 11:30 has become an early bedtime and it’s just not enough when the Rooster known as Cooper starts crowing a little after 6.   I already feel like I spend half the day trying to catch up while I’m playing with them, but then there is so much more to do at night when the little guys are in bed.   Thank goodness I’m in the second trimester.   Isn’t that the one where you have all the energy?   I thought so, but you could have fooled me some days.   Somebody give me some caffeine!   Oh yeah, that’s gone the way of sushi and wine and all things good and psychosomaticly beneficial…

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  1. Beth Davis says


    UGHHH!!! Sarcoptic mange make me want to cry. My dog had it a few years ago and it was a BEAR to get rid of. We had two dogs at the time and they kept passing it back and forth. Good luck!

    February 18th, 2010 | #

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