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I Wish Kenny Was Old Enough To Remember This…

April 15th, 2007

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we are living in Scottsdale, Arizona for four months, though we live for most of the year in Maryland.   As temporary transplants, my husband’s company secures our houseing and they are generous enough to rent cars for us for the duration of Casey’s work here.   When we got here in January, we started out with a Jeep Grand Cherokee for me (functional and decent, though not as nice as the 4-Runner I drive at home), and an awesome Audi A4 convertible for Casey.   (They were part of a  great deal he got  from the rental company.)   Since we’ve been here nearly three months, though, it was time to trade them in.   We said goodbye to the fantastic Audi (my Saturday grocery-getter), and even Dudley paid his dues:

april 15 002.jpg



But the melancholy quickly evaporated when they told us what the replacement Mommy car was going to be…

 april 15 007.jpg     …Yes, Kenny’s car seat is now firmly attached inside a HUMMER.   Here is a picture of our newly rented car outside of our rented house…

april 15 008.jpg

Stylin’.   Too bad ninteen-month-old Kenny has no idea how so cool his mom is right now….  

april 15 013.jpg

In other Arizona news, we’ve had a wacky weekend of trying to figure out how to balance Casey’s work out here, our home in Maryland, and where it would be best for our family to be living for the next year or so.   For about 24 hours it looked like we were going to stay right here until spring of 2008, but it looks like instead that we will continue to live here until June, then go back to Maryland  to enjoy  the fun summer months on the water, then return to Arizona for four or five months starting in October. We are the world’s youngest snowbirds.

Seriously, though, while it would make the most sense for us to stay out here the whole time, we started getting wistful about the blue herons who nest under our dock in June, and the summer nights in downtown Annapolis eating ice cream cones, and the sunrise on the water in the summer, watching the steam rise from the water in the cool morning air.   And we started thinking about 115 degree days in the desert and trying to take Dudley for walks at 4 am.   And that pretty much cinched it.

april 15 011.jpg


  1. Jessamyn says

    Oh Kristjana! As an ArizonaMama myself (we live in Mesa)….I can say with all confidence that you made the RIGHT decision girl! Enjoy your herons for me! WOW…and we’ll be here with car seat coolers and all…welcoming your return! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weather, huh? I just recently found your blog and I really enjoy my visits here.

    April 16th, 2007 | #

  2. Kimmie says

    Yeah! I’m so excited that you are coming home for the summer!!! I was getting worried there for a while. Oh and you can’t return to AZ until you come to Italy with us at the end of Sept. 😛

    April 16th, 2007 | #

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