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It’s Not Easy Being the Little Guy

August 29th, 2006

Not only has poor Kenny had to contend with tooth number five breaking through his tender gums for the last two days, but today was insult to injury. On our walk — the same walk we take everyday — he was viciously attacked by a swarm of wicked mosquitoes, unbeknownst to me. Upon taking him out of his beloved backpack, I saw TEN welts, each the size of a quarter, on his perfect arms and legs. I actually called the pediatrician’s office, to see if there was any cause for alarm, or anything I could do.

The little guy was just miserable today. He kept signing “Hurt!” (which he just learned two days ago) and then pointing to all the spots on his tiny limbs. He cried, he whined, he pointed for Cheerios, then threw them on the floor, signed for milk, then pushed me away. He was clingy one minute, then miserable in my arms the next. And there was nothing I could do, save for the miniscule amount of cortisone cream he was allowed. We barely got through dinner, and the bath attempt was an utter fiasco.

Only now is he peacefully asleep, swathed in clean pjs, and blessedly unaware of the bites that cover his sweet flesh. I can only pray that God will take away the itchies while he sleeps and that tomorrow I’ll have my Happy Baby back!

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  1. Kimmie says

    Awww… we Barker girls know how itchy those mean buggy bites can be! (((Hugs))) to the little guy! Heal quick! ps- I have .1 % cortizone if you need any…. prescription for little ones since normal cortizone is 2.0 %. Love ya sis

    August 29th, 2006 | #

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