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July 13th, 2006

I’ve avoided this topic long enough, and I’ve been itching to write about it.   Let me preface by saying that I am a definite proponant of breastfeeding, and I am so grateful that my baby took to it so well.   That said, I  cannot resist venting, in a loving way of course, about Kenny’s new feeding methods.

“Easily distracted” is an understatement.   Oh he’s not distracted with things going on around us… not the dog chewing noisily on his whistling choo choo train, not the phone ringing, not the sound of the kids next door committing hari kiri with plastic swords… he’s distracted by the strange enthusiasm with which he enjoys (to out it mildly) his meal.

He starts off innocently enough, but then, like the dark horse in a county fair pie eating contest, he starts warming up to the frenzy that inevitably comes.   First, he twists his body from the polite and textbook feeding position so that he is either kneeling or standing in my lap.   Then he grasps my breast with both hands, even sometimes pulling away for a minute to admire its function and beauty, and dives in like there’s no tomorrow.   Sometimes he gets so excited he even laughs a little and tries to jump up and down with glee, all the while firmly attached to my poor flesh.  

Do I try to hold him down?   Cut him off?   Allow him to feast at will?   And I can’t even get mad at the poor little bugger because he’s obviously so happy!

I suppose I should have expected something like this to present itself in his personality.   I too am a “foodie.”   I went to culinary school many years ago, and even though I no longer work professionally in the food industry, one of my passions is cooking and entertaining.   In fact, when the “going gets tough” sometimes, I’ll plop Kenny in to his highchair and put on an episode of “Cooking with Momma Cookie” in the kitchen.   We made a double batch of chocolate zucchini bread last night, in fact, in between preparing the steaks and vegetables for dinner.   Being in the kitchen relaxes me ~ it revives me and stirs up my creative being.   But the fun isn’t just in the making – I love to eat, too!   Give me a big glass of dry merlot, a rare filet mignon with roasted asparagus, crunchy salad with vinigrette and finish off with a cappucino and plate of warm gooey chocolate cake, and I find myself jumping up and down with glee, fanatically and enthusiastically savoring every morsel, wanting to laugh from the sheer joy of the flavor in my mouth…

hmm… perhaps Kenny and I aren’t so different in our feeding habits after all…

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  1. Colleen says

    I have a 3 year-old who was a terror with naps and is still plaguing me. Wait, let me re-phrase that according to the child behavior books…I have a very charasmatic and persistant son who uh…joyfully refuses naps. LOL. Hang in there. I have been there. Refer to the archives on my site, the very first posts are about me beating my head against the wall about nap time!

    My 12 month-old is a sheer delight about naps ands wants to sleep all day. Go figure!

    She just stopped breastfeeding on her birthday this past Saturday because she was so disinterested! I actually had to put toys up on my chest tol hold here interest! I don\’t know which is worse, eating with such gusto that your child never wants to stop, or forcing the child to eat from your breast even when they don\’t want to because modern medicine says you have to nurse them for a year!

    Children are funny. Hang in there!

    July 19th, 2006 | #

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