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Let’s Hear it For the Boys!

August 21st, 2008

Last night Casey and I went to our first post-baby concert: Kenny Rogers and the Oakridge Boys!!   It was so much fun.   Ok, ok, so we were like, the youngest there by 40 (or 60) years, but the old country legends still know how to rock a full house!  

The only pictures I took are on my cell phone, but Casey some how managed to find us second row center seats, and we felt like we were practically on stage with them.    

Most incredible of all, though, is the fact that I actually left my seven-week-old gem behind for SEVEN HOURS.   My parents came to spend the night (the concert venue was an hour away), and Cooper took three successive bottles of pumped milk and did so well that he made it just shy of sleeping through the night.   I didn’t leave Kenny for that long until he was like 10 months old, but it wasThe Oakridge Boys & Kenny Rogers…. Actually, I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to it before hand (dreading it might be more accurate), but I knew how much Casey wanted to go and how hard he worked to get the tickets, and so I forced a stiff upper lip and even found a way to enjoy myself.  

I did have to pump milk in the car on the way home from the concert, which was weird for me, but more than a little freaky for Casey.   My poor sweet hubby had ESPN radio up so loud the pump started vibrating.   Ah, the joys of marriage…

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