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October 2nd, 2009

We  are having a wonderful time here in the Outer Banks.   Non-stop walks, running around on the beach, games of catch and hide and seek fill our days.   You’d think we are all sleeping like rocks.   Ha.

The first four nights, Kenny crawled into our bed (which is much smaller than our bed at home) just after midnight, prompting me to creep into his bunk bed around two am in search of sleep without being pummeled by a four-year-old’s heels.   Each of those nights as well, Cooper woke up around 2:30 to sit up in his bed and talk to himself for nearly an hour before settling down to sleep again.   And then  of course Dudley, paws stricken by surf and sand until they are raw, licked himself non-stop all through the night.

Last night should have been one for the sandman – both kids and dog slept like logs.   This time, it was me.   I woke up at 2 to use the bathroom, and then stayed awake for another full hour, my thoughts like a ping pong ball trapped in my cranium.   It was maddening.

I’ve got a lot simmering right now.   I’ve taken a position to  be the co-director of our church’s big Christmas production, and we’ve had numerous planning meetings over the last month.   One  of my main jobs will be teaching a piece from Handel’s Messiah to a very inexperienced group of singers.   It’s a crazy/fun challenge, but I’m starting to get a little nervous about it.     We start rehearsals in one week, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be one rockin’ ride.  

On top of that, I’ve agreed to teach a workshop to a group of home-schoolers in our county next week.   It’s a class that prepares them for competitive dramatic and comic speech and debate, and I will be doing the class on character developement.   Tell me, is there anything scarier than a room full of really smart highschoolers??   I  am still not quite sure how I’m going to fill out the hour, and procrastination is begining to choke me.

We are also houselooking (again!) and our washing machine is broken for the second time in a month.   The repairman comes two days after we get back from vacation, and I fear the towering stack of stinky clothes I left behind.

All of that became a noise in my head in the middle of the night last night.   Silly isn’t it?   Tonight I will try counting sheep, instead of counting Things To Do.   Baaaaaa…..

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