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Lunch Break

August 26th, 2008

Casey and the boys and I headed off to the Jersey Shore for the week, and I am sitting here in a coffee shop for one hour of free time… drinking a decadent something and shamelessly devouring a gigantic dessert.   It’s funny how ridiculously frivolous this feels, yet it brings to mind the fact that when I was a working girl, I had an entire delicious hour-long lunch break every day.   Sweet Pete, what did I do with myself in those days??

Anyway, though I still can’t divulge much, I can say that four weeks ago, Casey gave notice at his job and as of August 1st, he ended a very happy and successful career  with a wonderful (however unnamed)  company.   It was time to move on, and he left holding in his hand two distinct and entirely different offers from two companies that couldn’t be more unlike each other if one was in Tibet and one in Disneyworld.    He is  coming to a close on negotiations and decisions, and these are going to alter our lives quite a bit!   So there’s nothing awful going on (I think my last post read as if there were!) just lots of changes.   As if having a new baby wasn’t lot’s of changes enough!

I wish I had pictures to post of our week so far: Kenny is beach-boy-extraordinaire and Cooper has discovered the wonders of napping in our perfect SPF 50 beach cabana to the sound of the crashing waves.   The little bugger has actually been liking it too much, and has preferred it to sleeping at night in the pack and play for the last two nights. Ah well, small compromise!

Speaking of Cooper, he started smiling last week, but has now moved on to full out grins and giggles.   He is starting to engage  more and more and has even started flirting a little.   I’m in love!   Kenny is enjoying him more, too, I think, now that he is leaving the blob stage and entering the cute-baby months.   And thankfully, Kenny sleeps like a rock, because in spite of being in the same room with our snorting, spit-upping, wailing bambino, he is the only around here clocking a full night’s sleep.   Lucky kid.

We’re even doing well with eating out (which we’ve done every morning for breakfast and twice for dinner so far).   Kenny loves restaurants and Cooper loves to nurse, so even though I feel like way too much of New Jersey has seen me under the Hooter Hider, at least we’ve made it through with no major meltdowns or embarrassing paying the bill before the food comes because we’ve got to leave NOW.  

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