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December 19th, 2007

This week I took an impromptu jaunt  with Casey on a quick business trip, as there were folks there I wanted to see.   It was very last minute, and my parents came over to stay with Kenny.   He had a blast; my sister brought her youngest over, and I don’t think Kenny missed us at all!   We were gone only 24 hours including the plane flight.   I don’t know how Casey does it!   He makes trips like that at least every other week, sometimes twice in one week.   My pregnant fatigue was pushed to the limit.

As if that weren’t enough, tomorrow we are driving to Long Island to spend several days with Casey’s family, then we are home only a day and a half (for Christmas!), then we are flying away for two and a half weeks for our annual vacation.   I sit here, raggedly tired, and facing a house to get ready for the Dudley-sitter, a suitcase to pack (and another to contemplate), laundry to finish and a toddler who has no intentions of actually going to bed tonight.   And a husband who decided to escape for a boy’s night out.   Vacation can’t start soon enough.

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