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Me and My Shadow

May 26th, 2008

This weekend Casey’s older brother Dan and his son Ryan came to visit.   It was non-stop fishing, crabbing, basketball, baseball and fun.   Kenny, who thinks the sun rises and sets  on 8-year-old Ryan, became his shadow.   He was alternately  sweetly shy (as in, “You wanna bite of this cracker, Ryan?”) to  charmingly bossy (“I want the ball!   You go over there!”) to awe-struck adoration (“Look, Ryan! We can do puzzles!    Look at this caterpillar!   Look at my  playground! Look at this booger!!!!”).   Ryan was graciously accommodating, never making Kenny feel as if her were anything less than a big guy.


Today we all went to the Oriole’s game and watched the Yankees get buried…


It was a hot one, and Kenny and I made several trips from our sunny seats on the field to the concessions breezeway for some shade.   I couldn’t figure out why I was so light-headed, even though I was   super-hydrated, until I realized that we’d climbed up and down  the monster set of stairs four times in two hours…

memorial-day-weekend-040.jpg   (Check out the 35 week belly!)

 By the bottom of the 7th inning, after arriving two hours early for batting practice, Kenny finally checked out…


This remains proof that you don’t  need a quiet, dark room for a two-year-old to take a nap, you just need to exhaust them.

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