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Meltdown Mayhem

April 30th, 2008

Today was a busy day for Kenny and I.   We spent the morning with our local MOPs group getting ready for a fundraiser… eight moms and twenty-some kids under age four in a our co-chair’s living room.   I was one of the “kid-watchers” and I have to admit that after a while I just kind of tuned out.   When you’re watching that many toddlers in that small a space, there is no sense trying to do anything other than get out of the way and hope no one sits on anyone too much smaller than them.   I actually got to hold an adorable and super-mellow three-month-old baby, so at least I looked busy.

After our two hours of organized madness, Kenny and I headed over to a friend’s house with lunch to share.   She just had a baby and has an 18-month-old that Kenny adores, so we dropped in to see if we could help.   I tried to get Superwoman over there to take a nap or something necessary like that, but she was content to just sit and chat and let  the kids entertain each other.   We stayed  nearly three hours, and by the time Kenny and I got in the car to head home, he was like a  soggy piece of toast.    Nap was a dirty word and scream, whine and wail were about as communicative as he could  manage.   I finally put in a Boz DVD and let him zone out (at least he was quiet) and I managed a little nap on the couch next to him.      The rest of the evening was rougher than rough.   Blech.

It’s tough  striking a balance between scheduling what’s best for a two-year-old and all the things you want to (or need to) do.   Kenny does best on the days when we either stay home all day, or only leave the house for a single event – say his Rolly Pollie class.   But how realistic is that for everyday?   I do try to have at least one day a week where we don’t go anywhere (in the car).   And at least three days a week we only do one thing (away from home  for less than 2 hours).   But then there are days of endless errands, or lengthy play dates (I need those too!!) or my bi-monthly visits to a specialty chiropractor who’s office is 45 minutes away.     Or days when Casey and I want to DO something, like go downtown.   What about you stay-at-home moms out there – how much do you actually stay home, and how often do you tote your toddlers out and about?   I’m curious.

Onto a “programing” note: I don’t know how many of you regularly check out the sidebar “The Web-Surfing Mommy,” but on today’s review post, there is a contest to win a free book and CD of children’s songs and nursery rhymes!   There are also several posts that have coupon codes for discounts on various websites.   Check it out!


  1. ShaRona says

    i sit here and laugh! i know the feeling! the days i decide we are not doing anything those are the days that run very smooth and we stay on schedule! i have three kids, my oldest will be four in septembe, the middle will be two in may, and the youngest just turned seven months! so i have my hands full! i try to get out a few times a week as well as play dates! getting all three ready then trying to get myself ready is a chore, i’m usually exhausted before i get out the door! and yes after playdates or story times at the library, play time at the park, the kids are hungry, exhausted, and whiny! whew! you literally have to plan these things out! if i’m not out the door by 10am no later than 10:30 i won’t go unless we’re going to the park! it’s just setting myself up for the tears! my husband doesn’t realize how much planning you really have to do especially with three little ones!
    may God bless you in your pregnancy!

    April 30th, 2008 | #

  2. Andrea says

    I think we did an excellent job with our childcare. Maybe this could be another career…child wrangling!

    May 3rd, 2008 | #

  3. soccer mom says

    Here is my story from the other end….My amazing (of course) sons are 18 and soon to be 17. I chose to stay home with them for the first 14 years. I have to say that this was the most rewarding and challenging thing I have ever done. At first I was embarassed to say that I was a stay at home Mom; especially when I was at work functions with my husband. How do you explain giving up a career to stay home and change diapers and wipe runny noses??? Well let me tell you; I AM the town Mom; my boys (young men) and I talk about EVERYTHING. And they have brought their friends home to do the same. Sometimes we wonder if we can claim additional kids on our tax returns for all of the food, soccer camp fees, clothes and counseling we have provided. I wouldn’t change a thing. There were times when my husbnd was laid off (he is in the hi-tech field) but we held to our desire to be with the kids. So we don’t have the big nest egg; we have lost some of our sanity along the way BUT…we were never “the best friend” parents but parents who were always there, always listened, were ALWAYS available and you know what? Today we have two kids that aren’t totally perfect but they have accomplished amazing things; are respected by their facultry and peers and are well adjusted and happy. Who could ask for more? Being a stay at home Mom is one of the most amazing honors you will ever have; even though it totally sucks somedays robs your sanity some days; hang in there; you are the ones that have it right!!!

    May 22nd, 2008 | #

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