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Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2006

Though it’s not Kenny’s first Christmas, this is the first time he has understood the excitement of  ripping open packages, of  seeing new toys and games and books, and  of feasting on  a gorgeous Christmas dinner surrounded by  a loving family.   He ate more pumpkin pie today than any 24 pound animal should be able to consume.   Yesterday was a whirl of  church services,  as I  was the reader in the morning, and one of the singers  in the evening (at two different churches, mind you, our church in the morning, and my parent’s church at night).   In the middle of the first song  of last night’s service, Kenny sat on my Mom’s lap in  the front row, pointing and yelling with excitement, “Mama!   Mama!!”   It was like being a rockstar, only better.   And he was really excited to say “Ah-men!” so many times in one day.   That’s my boy!

And now, after a wonderful day with family and friends, we are packed to the gills  with the maximum amount of baggage allowed, and are preparing to leave at five am tomorrow to catch a plane for our Hawaiian vacation!   A twelve hour flight with a fifteen month old… are we insane??   Ah, but what is a mere twelve hours of little feet digging into my thighs, pulling my hair, playing with my eyelashes and begging for one more “cwacker!” compared to nineteen days of bliss in the Maui sun?   (Casey’s folks are staying at our house to Dudley-sit.   They are the ones who need lots of hugs and prayers sent their way.)   I am sitting here supposedly paying bills and making sure the household is in order, while Casey and his Dad and brother watch the Jets / Dolphin game on TV.  

So Merry Christmas, friends.   I hope that your day was filled with joy and gratitude.   I hope that you not only had things to be grateful for, but also Someone to be grateful to.   I’m not just talking about spouses and kids and parents and friends.   I’m talking about our Creator, the One from whom all things are given.   I hope that you remembered during all the chaos (even the chaos of going to church services!) that today is the day we celebrate Jesus’ humble birth, and remember his  humiliating death and  glorious life anew.   I  hope that as you hugged your family today,  you were able to catch a glimpse of the love that we feel only because He taught us first to love.   I hope that you got goosebumps and surprises and saw your children dance with joy.   I hope that you can  imagine the peace  that comes from knowing Him.  

Merry, joyous, miraculous Christmas!


  1. Mom Knight says

    I hope this is from me. We loved Christmas Eve and Christmas day. thank you for the joy of sharing your voice at church, and esp. for sharing your talent at our house cooking and preping food for everyone. Love you soooooo much and miss you already. Sorry about the plane delay. guess you will write about that later. Love you, Mommie

    December 26th, 2006 | #

  2. Donna S. says

    So true. We love because he first loved us. Glad I found your site.

    December 27th, 2006 | #

  3. Kimmie says

    Love ya sis. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation. I had fun singing with you! Thanks for the yummy Christmas dinner!

    December 30th, 2006 | #

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