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Mr. All That

July 21st, 2006

Kenny is quite a looker.   I know that I am biased towards his good looks, being his Mommy, but every time I take him out anywhere, I am constantly stopped by someone who tells me that he is a really handsome kid.

Yesterday I was at Nordstroms, turning in a pair of shoes for repair (ok – I need to buy Dudley more chew toys), and the three women at the counter  completely ignored me to start  fawning over my little guy: “Oh, would you look at those eyes!”   “Lois, he’s smiling at you!” “Would you look at Mr. All That?   Are you Mr. All That?   Yes you are…”

And Kenny, far from being shy, has begun to recognize the attention and play it for all it’s worth.   He has started this little thing where he turns his head ever so slightly, gives a little two tooth grin and then says something witty like, “BaaaaaBAAAAAA!”   Flirting is an understatement.   He grinned so much at the teenage girl bagging items at Target today that she started blushing and said, “Little man, you’re just tooo young for me!”

And he’s got this Momma’s number, too.   While trying to change his diaper earlier today, he swatted my hands away and managed to grab a chunk of my face in a vise-grip.   I took his arm firmly but gently and gave a stern, “No!” just like all the books say to do.   What does my little Mr. All That do?   He coos “Maaamaaaamaaam” and caresses, no joke, the same throbbing spot on my face and smiles while looking deep into my eyes.  

How am I ever going to tell this kid “no” when he asks to borrow the car in 2021?

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