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Mysteries, Solved

July 25th, 2009

1.   Never did find the source of the smell, but it’s gone.   I think it probably was spilled milk on the carpet, and repeated vacuuming has gotten rid of it.   But I have enjoyed reading about all the funny smells you all have discovered in your own houses.   The dead opossum wins for freak-out factor.

2. Haven’t seen the fox.   Apparently he got out the same way he came in.   Whew.

3. Guess this wasn’t really a mystery, was it?

4. Cooper’s relentless odd-ball tantrums turned out to be the effects of a double ear infection.   Poor little bugger.   The antibiotics are not wiping it out, though, so it must be one of the viral kinds.   He’s been a pill, but at least we know why!

5. Nope.

The only other exciting news I have from the week is that Kenny has learned to hula-hoop.   It is the funniest thing ever.   He just wiggles and wiggles and grins and then shouts, “Watch me again!”   He has also learned that a hula hoop is good for trapping a now-walking baby brother.   He sneaks up behind Cooper and slips it over his head, then gently tugs him the way he wants him to go.   It’s a little mean, but Cooper thinks that the world revolves around Kenny, so he hasn’t protested much.   Yet.

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