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Neither Rain Nor Sleet…

October 18th, 2009

This morning Kenny’s pediatrician’s office held it’s first Swine Flu vaccination clinic from 9 to 12.   We decided to to there instead of our normal 9 am church service, and when we arrived, there was a line that snaked from the open door of the doctor’s office around the sidewalk and into the parking lot.   It was 42 degrees and raining, but families were undeterred as they stood determined through the weather to get the vaccine.       They were only offering the mist, so Cooper was out of luck.   Instead we drove to the local bagel shop and returned to Casey and Kenny in line with hot   coffee and buttery bagels.

The vaccine has  been pretty hard to come by so far in our area for some reason, and even the county health hotlines aren’t saying when the clinics are until the day they occur.   I still haven’t found a shot for my pregnant self.   My OB’s office is promising that they will have them soon, as is my general physician’s office, but so far, no luck.   With all the scary news stories out there about the dangers of the swine flu in pregnant women, you’d think the least that they could back those stories up with would be real data about where to get the vaccine.

Post-vaccination this morning, we headed off to church where our small group was scheduled to pack lunches for a local shelter in between services.   Kenny was in his element.   That kid has been making his won sandwich for lunch everyday since he turned three.   That is the truth.   Usually it’s a humus and turkey on wheat.   This morning he was introduced to Wonder bread, American cheese and bologna, and after assisting in making nearly 150 sandwiches, he admitted that they were starting to look pretty tasty.   He was a real trooper, though.   He followed all the directions that the adults gave him, and worked alongside 5th and 6thgraders in his tasks.   And there was nothing cuter than him running around the table with little cups of applesauce in his hands, plopping them into open bags and shouting, “Got yer applesauce!   Who needs some applesauce??”

Post-church we headed downtown where we had lunch at a deli and went to an open house.   We actually saw the house when it was first on the market two years ago, but it’s been re-listed at a much lower price and we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was even nicer than we remembered.   Who knows… maybe a move in our horizon???   We’ve been house looking pretty aggressively for several weeks now.     At some point we’ve got to find The House, right?

I am wiped out.   This being pregnant thing is exhausting.   I start to hit a wall at about 7 PM and it’s all I  can do to not fall asleep when I put the boys to bed.   I am so behind on so many things!   At 4 o’clock I’ll start making a list of all the things I can catch up on when the boys go to sleep, and yet by the time they do, I’m fantasizing about my feather pillow.   zzzzzzzz   I also realized that I’m really needing a nap.   When I was pregnant with Kenny, I was able to nap pretty much anytime I wanted.   When I was pregnant with Cooper, Kenny napped from noon to 1:30 everyday, and I’d just lay down with him.   Now, Coop naps, but Kenny doesn’t and I’m at a loss.       I may have to start letting him watch a video here and there when Cooper naps so that I can doze a little, too.   I only have two more weeks of the first trimester, so surely the energy will ramp back up soon.   Right?

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  1. Jennifer says

    I am in the same exact boat as you, except I am due in two weeks. My 4 year old no longer takes naps so I put a video on for him while my little guy, 2, takes his nap. That way I can lay on the couch with my feet up and maybe close my eyes for a few minutes if I am lucky. My third boy will be here any day and I am so tired!

    October 23rd, 2009 | #

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