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Oh Sleep, Where Art Thou?

December 15th, 2008

Actually, it’s gotten  a little better around here.   Cooper’s ear infection has diminished, though he’s caught another cold (presumably from another friend who neglected to tell me that her kids were sick before they kissed my precious baby’s face…).  

I’ve started doing something I never saw happening, though:   I’m a champion cheerleader of breastfeeding, and I’ve started giving Cooper a bottle of formula for his last feeding of the day.   I never had a problem with nursing Kenny, but for some reason, I’ve had a rough time keeping up with Cooper.   It’s not like he’s wasting away… he’s nearly 18 pounds and only 5 and a half months!   But by bedtime, there’s just nothing left for me to give.   He’d started  fussing, biting, and then finally giving up and sleeping.   But for the past seven days, I’ve tried a little formula and Viola! he has been sleeping like he used to.   He’s slept through a night a few times, and a few woken up very briefly, but for the most part, things are looking up.   I have no intention of weaning him just yet, but what a relief to know that he’ll take formula and that he does well with it!

So now what to do with all this “free time?”   (ha!   ha ha … ok, that’s a little silly)   Showering would be a great start.   Laundry.   Um, Christmas shopping??   Oh, and I’ve had this blog for two and a half years now, and for the first time I’ve nearly completely neglected it.   Do I hear a New Year’s Resolution popping up?


I really do love writing, and reading and the whole blogging hobby, but I have to admit that it seems a silly indulgence when so much else has fallen under the horse in my little world.   Man, two kids is so much different than one!

Here are some nutshell updates of my boys:

Kenny – RASCAL.   Ah, but sweeter than sweet 90% of the time, so he certainly makes amends for the violent couch jumping, Dudley riding and constant re-hanging of the Christmas tree ornaments.   On Saturday, we had a little party over here, and just as everyone was leaving, he fell out of his chair and hit the side of his face on  the table.   We thought he broke his tooth, and our angel dentist came in at 9 at night to take a look.   Turns out that the force of the impact forced his gum over his tooth and that’s why it looked like half of it was gone.   Yuk.   Now he’s got a big bruised knot on the side of his face – he looks like a three-year-old Rocky Balboa.

Cooper – Rolling over, constantly jabbering (“Dadadadadadada, bada daby do dadadadad dadybada!”), learning to suck his thumb and spending his free time in the “hopper popper” seat where he’s happy until all the bouncing makes him poop!   That kid knows how to make a splash in the world.   He’s also loosing his hair – except for the long patch on top which I had to trim last week because it was always in his eyes…. it’s a nice comb-over look, and has definite mohawk-potential, if I ever decided to torture him with hair gel.

Dudley – So needing a walk.   Or a run.   Or someone to pet him for more than 30 seconds.   But he keeps going down to the water and rolling in dead fish and seaweed, so petting him requires a full sanitation routine.


(I don’t know why Dudley felt compelled to charge the camera, but isn’t this a funny shot?)

And me?   hm.   I think I’m not as pretty as I used to be.   Maybe it’s the bags under the eyes?   The slowly wrinkling skin?   The lack of exercise or lack of sleep?   I caught my reflection in the mirror the other day and said, “Wow.   I’ve finally started looking like a harried Mommy.”   Somebody send me to the spa.   Actually, forget the spa.   Somebody watch my kids and clean my house so I can get some sleep.   I really think I’d pay someone a thousand dollars if I could go spend the night alone and sleep for 12 hours.   Ah…


  1. Becky says

    Hey sister! I’ve missed you but completely understand how crazy your life has been! I don’t mean to sound “preachy” but have you tried cereal yet? I started with Rice cereal mixed with formula/breast milk a bit of fruit. It took him a couple of times but WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Maddox is just a few weeks older and he’s 22 lbs. He loves his bottle but boy does he love his food! We’re on stage 2 food now and he’s also starting to eat finger foods, just for his “pincher skills”. I bet your little man is just wanting the real food. No offense because I was always offended when people told me that with the first three but I think you’ll see a big difference if you give it a try. JUST A THOUGHT!!

    December 16th, 2008 | #

  2. Your Biggest Fan says

    How about a reverse auction? I will watch your kids and clean your house so you can get some sleep. “I really think I’d pay someone a thousand dollars if I could go spend the night alone and sleep for 12 hours. Ah:” I will do for $900.

    December 16th, 2008 | #

  3. warriorlady says

    I am with you on the sleep. My two year old is in full blown molar teething so sleep is a sketchy affair. Sunday he was up at 3a never to fall back to sleep though he really did try for two hours before he gave up (and so did I). I think I am becoming obsessed with wanting sleep. One day. My almost seven year old starting sleeping thru the night about 6 months ago, so maybe in 4 years I’ll get some sleep.

    Good luck. Hope you can catch up on your sleep.

    December 16th, 2008 | #

  4. Stephanie says

    I’m with you on all counts. I feel so very out of touch with reality with three kids under three. I don’t even the remember the last time I put on makeup outside of church. I feel like a hag. A stinky, gross, hag.

    I’m even having my gallbladder removed just to get sleep. I highly recommend it. hehehehe

    December 16th, 2008 | #

  5. Claudia says

    Sleep, what is that??? With a 2-1/2 year old and a 5 month old baby I have not gotten any sleep since the first one was in the belly. Right now my baby is sick with a bit of a cold, she wakes up about 2-3 times a night to breastfeed and when she was born she would go to sleep at 5:00am! My husband is a doctor and I am very slowly taking courses on holistic nutrition and I don’t recommend that you give your child any cereals which are loaded with ingredients you don’t want your baby to consume. I am going to start giving my baby organic vegetables next month, I will start steaming organic peas (no steaming with tap water) and slowly start introducing foods about 1 vegetable a week just to make sure that she will not have an allergic reaction to it. I am also considering buy the Earth Best organic baby food when ever I won’t get the chance to make the food myself. I keep my children and my husband away from artificial ingredients, coloring, hydrogenated fats, msg and processed foods. So far we are all very healthy and this is the first time my baby gets a little sick. I started giving her Complete Flu Care 4 Kids from Hylands which is a homeopathic medicine with no side effects whatsoever. I buy this from the Vitamin Shoppe. Anyways, we are glad to her that Cooper is doing much better and happy to hear from all of you!

    December 16th, 2008 | #

  6. Kimmie says

    **Stephanie**, she already had her gallbladder out… any other organs she doesn’t need? 😆

    I will challenge “your biggest fan”… I’ll do it for $800 😮

    December 18th, 2008 | #

  7. gramma says

    Hmmm! Okay, okay I’ll do it for $700, if you leave some of those wonderful cookies. I remember supplementing with formula also. By the end of the day the body is just exhausted. Hang in there, little Mama.

    December 18th, 2008 | #

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