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Out with the Grownups

August 17th, 2007

Some good friends of Casey and mine rented out a party suite at a concert hall tonight, and we headed out for some grown-up fun  to see  Jars of Clay perform in the city.   It was a great night – cocktails at our friends’, then off to the concert where we ran into many friends and acquaintances, and spent the time eating delicious food, drinking wine, laughing and catching up.   Oh, and watching the band.    

Kenny was in good hands with Casey’s parents, who are here for the weekend, and it’s a good thing, too,   because tomorrow Casey and I are heading out to the sticks to go to a Rodney Atkins concert at the Clarke County fair in western Virginia.   Yes, this is the same Rodney whose songs have captivated Kenny for a full year now.     (I cant’ believe how much I’ve written about this guy… these were only half the posts Kenny’s obsession with him made it into…)   The same songs that he can now nearly sing along with, in his albeit slightly garbled, yet impressively on-key way.   We are planning on sneaking a picture of Kenny backstage, with a note explaining that our little guy is in love with all of his songs, and see if we can score an autograph.   Then we are checking into a B&B where we desperately hope to sleep in.   Ah, romance…

I will be out of the internet loop for a few days, but I hope to return with some pictures, and at least a couple of new Rodney songs to introduce Kenny to.   Yee-haw.


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