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Par for the Course

February 24th, 2008

I had such an easy, text-book perfect pregnancy with Kenny, I had a hard time believing women who told me that they “hated being pregnant.”   I loved every minute of it, and often secretly thought that those with pregnancy gripes were just not taking good care of themselves.


This one has been a little tougher, and now I publicly beg pardon for my earlier arrogance.

I just experienced two days of the worst, most ripping pain since actual labor.   It started a half day after a visit to a chiropractor.   He adjusted my tailbone, and though I felt immediate relief, the pain soon crept in.   Then it was a searing heat from my right cheek (the rear one, kids) to mid thigh.   Then it got to where walking was agony, and lying down was worse.   When I was lying down, I actually couldn’t garner the strength to roll over, nor lift a leg, but had to push myself off the bed and tumble to the floor.   I couldn’t get up from a sitting position without my knees buckling and my pulse racing.   I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital.

Then, as quickly as it caught me, the pain was gone today.   No rhyme or reason.   No “aftershocks.”   I’m as healthy as a horse once again.


Sciatic nerve?   Loosening pelvis?   Who knows.

But aside from my near-crippling weekend, I am rounding into week 22 in good stride.   I have gained a good amount of weight (15 pounds now), I’ve been exercising and eating well (though in huge quantities), and staying as rested as I can.   Only now I’m crossing my fingers that the last 48 hours of insanity were a fluke and not due to return…


  1. Susan Cashero says

    It sounds like the sciatic nerve acting up. I too had a very easy first pregnancy and was surprised at how difficult my second pregnancy was. During the 6 weeks, the baby must have been pushing on my sciatic nerve. The pain was intense and constant, from the middle of my right cheek through the right hip. Walking was the worst! I kept on excercising hoping that would help, but soon was confined to just using the excercise bike because the elliptical and treadmill were just too painful. Of course, my OBGYN was none too sympathetic, telling me that almost all pregnant women experience back pain. Thank God that my son came 2 weeks early! I was hoping that the pain would stop right after I had my son, but it took about two weeks before it finally went away. So there is hope!

    February 26th, 2008 | #

  2. Andrea says

    Holy Cow!!! I am completely going through the same thing! I think it is Sciatic nerve pain. I actually have not been able to walk after standing up a couple times!!!!

    February 26th, 2008 | #

  3. LeAnne says

    The sciatic nerve and/or loosening pelvis is a hoot! It’s interesting the things that happen in pregnancy. My 2 pregnancies were different from the other. Joshua was easy to carry, but a hard delivery. Justin was a little harder to carry (sciatic nerve issue), but easier to deliver. I’m so happy for you! Babies are such miracles!

    February 26th, 2008 | #

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