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February 13th, 2007

All of the sudden, over the last three days, Kenny has started speaking in sentences.   It all started Sunday, when we went to the railroad park: Kenny rode the train with Casey, and afterward we were talking about Papa and Gramma coming for a visit.   Kenny said, “Ride Choo Choo!” and then “Ride choo choo-wi-Papa.”   And that was that.

Since then, we’ve had, “Hep wok Dudley” (Help walk Dudley), “Park-to-Play” (he wants to go to the park to play), “Mama blocks, peas?”  (he wants me to play blocks with him), “Teddy wah ornge-juice” (Teddy wants orange juice… also with cookie, cracker, water and cheese).   And a few others.

I am stunned.   I hardly expected him to be stringing words together like this so soon!   He’s put words together, like, “Ball, udder ball, two balls!” and his favorite, “Poop poddy” (which means he’s pooped, but not that he wants to go on the potty), but the verbs are all new.   I am so bursting with pride, it’s silly.

So funny to think that only a few months ago, I used to be dying to know what he was thinking, and now, I really do.   He tells me when he wants to read books, or play baseball, or eat bananas.   He tells me that he needs a cookie, or orange juice, or a hug.   And he even tells me he loves me (“Mama?   Ahhh, Mama.”).   He makes my heart melt, that little guy.

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